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Rant about selfish neigbor

This is a discussion on Rant about selfish neigbor within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Ive had a similar issue with my neighbor ,theres quite a bit of brush on the property line between us mostly on him. He is ...

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Thread: Rant about selfish neigbor

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    Ive had a similar issue with my neighbor ,theres quite a bit of brush on the property line between us mostly on him. He is a new neighbor that just moved in and inherited the brush pile thats slowly taking over.We both keep our yards very well manicured except for this fence line issue. So I stopped in one day and said to him that I own a gravely and would be glad to work with him to clean up the brush and that I would start the next morning on my side , He said great so the next day Im out mowing my side down and burning part of a large tree that was down and he pulls up pissed that im doing this since he doesnt know where the property line is and doesnt want me cutting or burning anything thats his????So I walk him over to the mess and show him a small rock wall that I discovered and explained that it is the line, the wall is mine according to my survey and then explained to him to stay on his side and I'll cut anything that comes over that wall ....moral of the story fences do make good neighbor wether its a small rock wall or a brush pile thats about 8ft high and 100 yrds long ,oh by the way the wall is trimmed up and looks really nice lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    I feel your pain. Sadly, there's no IQ test, nor sanity evaluation as criteria to purchase a home in my neighborhood.

    Oh how I look forward to my next home (still 10 years out), surrounded by acreage.
    Yeah, I know whatcha mean there.... If I knew then what I know now, boy howdy would I do some things different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    Work exchanges among neighbors in rural areas in my Dad's day was commonplace. ( "I have a mower, you have a baler, I'll mow hay for both of us and you can bale hay for both of us") type arrangements. Dad referred to it as "trading work". Seemed to work for that generation at that time and place. In modern day suburbia these kinds of verbal deals aren't always the best way to maintain cordial relations with the neighbors. I've come to prefer entering into contracts for work and services outside my circle of friends and neighbors.
    I hope we can keep that generation of men keeping their word and working for what they want going a little longer. I grew up learning that side of life from my grandfather. He's retired military and a tradesman at heart. He and his neighbors traded labor or in my case traded MY labor in the summers. He always told me it would put hair on my chest...go figure I turned out looking like a white gorilla. A day didn't go by it seems in the summers I spent with him, that he wasn't trading truck loads of corn, fruits and other veggies, or his honey for some sort of work or other value in return.

    I try to do the same with my neighbor now, just on a smaller scale. I traded with my neighbor(elderly gentleman) a few weeks ago. I fixed his computer and he gave me a 5 gallon bucket of cucumbers and tomatoes which was a mighty fine deal considering the deer got all my cukes and the squirrels got most of my tomatoes this year... We trade tools and labor on a weekly basis.

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    I put an ad in Craigs List offering firewood in exchange for say an hour’s labor removing debris from back yard.
    Two people call and say they will take wood but will not help with debris. I decline.
    This was my favorite amongst all the listed issues. It has given me a great idea. I am going out right now to the local store which has a help wanted adv posted on their door. Figure I will tell them that I will take the money but do not intend to work for it.
    Wish me luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    [*]At end of day, there is still a lot of work to be done. We discovered that there is a pile of firewood about 4 feet x 2 feet and we stack it nicely in front yard. Neighbor offers to take it too, and we consent. But it is too hot, so he doesn’t take it that day.[*]I put an ad in Craigs List offering firewood in exchange for say an hour’s labor removing debris from back yard.
    [[*]One guy agrees and comes the next morning. He loads wood in his pick up truck and proceeds to remove vast quantities of debris.
    You gave the wood to the neighbor and then gave it to someone else? Sounds like he's the one with the bad neighbor.

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    I had some tree work done and some of it cut into firewood..... and later noticed a van and trailer in front of my house.... go out , and this neighbor a block from me is loading it all up and has nearly all of it on the trailer. I told him to "unload" it. .... he claims he didn't get it at my house, but it's the same friggin tree and my wood is not sitting there. I told the SOB he's never allowed on my property under any circumstances and I would report the "theft" to the police..... and did. They paid him a visit... he finally fessed up that he "took it " thinking I wouldn't want it ( never asked me that ) and they made him return it all.

    To hell with the jerks... they act like one, they'll get treated as one.

    He was walking down the street one day about 2 yrs later and stopped at my house, and was saying something.... and I walked over a bit closer and asked what he wanted.... he asked if he could come into my yard to talk to me, and my response was "only if you want to go to jail "..... he seemed ticked that I said that. I could care less.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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