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This is a discussion on Survived Irene within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Here in PA I just barely survived 6 total hours of CNN, FOX NEWS. & The Weather Channel Irene Hurricane Updates. Glad that you'all pulled ...

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Thread: Survived Irene

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    Here in PA I just barely survived 6 total hours of CNN, FOX NEWS. & The Weather Channel Irene Hurricane Updates.

    Glad that you'all pulled through OK.

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    I'm about an hour due West of Virginia Beach. Lost power Saturday around 1100, might get it back tonight if Dominion's estimate is accurate.

    Lost half a dogwood, a gutter, some shingles, and my roof looks loose in a couple spots. Not complaining though, neighbor took a huge tree through his garage.

    At work with all services today, worked extra shift Sunday with generator power. Wife & kids came to visit and get some relief from the heat. Why aren't houses built with lots of windows to handle power outages? Box fans aren't quite cutting it at home but at least the generator is keeping my provisions cold, even if it's costing me a fortune in gasoline.

    Now we're waiting to see how high the Blackwater is going to rise before it crests. Have seen Franklin and surrounding areas flood a few times in the last ten years.
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    A report I read earlier today said that 60% of Richmond is without power. Eastern NY and VT were heavily drenched by backside rain bands that lingered for hours.

    In southern NH we were without power for only a few minutes.

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    paramedic try to stay afloat. I remember what Floyd did to you all.

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    Day 5 without power in my part of CT. Generator is running so we have hot showers, but cable is down so no internet. Sitting at the local public library typing this.

    CL-P's website estimates that I might get power back Sunday night around midnight. I am not holding my breath.
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    We had a bunch of debris to clean up and about a 6 inch hole in the garage roof just above the eve; do not know where the water went; fixed the roof easily once the butt end of a very large ceder was cut off/out of the roof.

    Lost pwr Fri night until 1730 Mon, then again on Tues for 4 hrs. I have a generator so only not having a/c was an issue and then, just really hot Sun night. Of course the days were hot.

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