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Called the Cops on a little boy today...

This is a discussion on Called the Cops on a little boy today... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; like that you are acting like a tribal elder......also like that you listen to yourself........

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Thread: Called the Cops on a little boy today...

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    like that you are acting like a tribal elder......also like that you listen to yourself.....

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    I think you did fine! Just imagine, doing nothing and then reading about a child that was murdered along the side of the road. I wouldn't want to live with that one stuck in my thought process.
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    While we're saying you did right, I think an atta-boy for the law response may also be in order.

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    You contacted the non-emergency number to report a situation involving a child that didn't look right to you.

    I see no problem with this. Sometimes bad things are avoided because someone had the courage to act on a "gut feeling". A lot of cops are also parents, and I imagine they don't mind responding to a false alarm where a child's safety is being investigated. In fact, I suspect they wish EVERY call regarding a child's safety turned out to be a false alarm.
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    Saw a toddler walking on the sidewalk, naked, and no one in sight. The house he was in front of had the door open. Our truck yard is on that road, so lots of tractors driving around. Went straight for 911 on that one.

    FWIW, I drive for a living and just can't keep all the non emergency numbers around. I'll call 911, tell them immediately if it's not an emergency, explain that I'm from out of town, then give them the information. I have yet to have anyone seem even remotely upset about it. They can also transfer you to a more local non emergency number if they need to.
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    This situation reminds me of one that happened to us one time.

    It was new years eve and we had thrown a small party for about 6-7 guests. Most of the guests had a designated driver, some came and went for the evening. One of them stayed the whole evening and had drove himself. This guest got drunk, and I mean DRUNK. A friend and I managed to get him up stairs and in bed for the night and when we went to bed, my wife locked our bedroom door and set the alarm system. A couple of hours later, we awoke to the alarm system going off (which is NOT someone one ever wants to do). We discovered that our guest was out in the driveway, trying to get into his car. In the process, he set off the house alarm, the alarm on his truck, and the alarm on one of our cars. After we responded to the security firm that we were ok (also telling them what happened), I started looking for the non emergency police number. When I was a kid, it was always listed in the front page or two of the phone book as there was no 911 service then. Needless to say, I couldn't find it and thinking time may be of the essence here called 911. I reported to that that we had a VERY drunk guest that we had put to bed and they left of their own volition. I gave them a description of the vehicle and the direction towards which I thought he would be heading. They thanked me and said that they would have someone on the lookout for him.

    There are two interesting afterwards to this situation;
    1 - the guy, who worked with my wife, did not show up for work for 3 days. He did not call and nobody heard from him. When he returned, he told us that he had a sever alcohol addition (we had no clue) and that he was now enrolled in a rehab program and would be going away for a while. Something tells me they got him. We never mentioned that we called to rat him.

    2 - ** this one is important to note ** We discussed the incident at a later date with one of our guests who is a retired sheriff deputy. She said that by calling the authorities and going on public record that we had tried to put him to bed (i.e. tried to detain him) and reported that he was on the go that had he killed someone driving, making the report would have absolved us of liability for his actions that we otherwise would have faced.

    Not necessary relevant to this discussion, but interesting none the less is that this individual represents one of the less common occurrences of disparity of force. It was known to me that he was trained to at least a fairly advanced level in martial arts. I had studied the same art for a few years knew enough to realize that this guy was completely fluent in the studies of at least the lower ranks and was practiced well beyond my training level. In other words, I had a priori knowledge of his skills that went beyond typical mouthing off.

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    You did good! The world is a dangerous place for kids nowadays.

    You story reminds me of little 8 year old Leiby Kletzky of Brooklyn, who was kidnapped off the streets, murdered and dismembered. The poor kid was walking home from camp, got lost, and asked a stranger for directions.

    No question in my mind you did the right thing!

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    Thank you for the kind words everyone.

    I had forgotten about Leiby Kletzky but now that you mention it, I remember seeing a follow up story. The guy that abducted the child did it out of pure opportunity. The poor child was at the wrong place at the wrong time and a predator took advantage.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to any family that has fallen victim to a child abduction/abuse.

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    Did the right thing. A good thing you had it checked out, just to be certain everything's OK.
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    You did fine. May have been nothing but as I've told my daughter - pay attention to those little hairs on the back of your neck and your gut, they keep you out of trouble.
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