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You decide, good or bad

This is a discussion on You decide, good or bad within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; At lease it's a .40 cal and not a 9mm. A Ruger SR1911 in .45 cal may have been a better choice....

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Thread: You decide, good or bad

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    At lease it's a .40 cal and not a 9mm.
    A Ruger SR1911 in .45 cal may have been a better choice.
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    add another to the poor taste/bad timing crowd

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    I'll go along with nothing wrong with it. I'm not even a Glock fan, but I'd buy a ticket. Of course I'd sell it if I won.
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    I don't see any thing wrong with it. I think that some may find it offensive, but I say let them be offended as political correctness is akin to the idea that you can pick up a turd by the clean end.

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    It might be offensive if it was a more obscure manufacturer, but it is a glock. Almost all of the the raffles I see involving handguns are glocks.

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    Well, being that the Glock Handgun is an inanimate object and can only fire a bullet at the behest of it's owner, I personally have no problem with it.... Looking at Sixto's and some of the other members post. I would tend to agree that it could easily be taken as an act made in poor taste, therefor I personally would not promote or be affiliated with it. But that's just me YMMV.

    A better idea might be to raffle off ring side seats to Jared Loughners execution, if and when that ever happens.

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    So if it had been a knife that was used in the rampage would they call all restaurants and homes distasteful for having a knife at the dinner table?

    Like the guy said he was hosting gun raffles before but after January 8th it is all of a sudden distasteful. It's like demonizing all fords because a ford escort was used to run someone over. It isn't like he is raffling off a Glock 19 with 30 round mags with a picture
    of Giffords.

    I'm not heartless but IMO saying his raffle is distasteful/controversial because it is a Glock is the same thing as blaming Glock for the massacre.

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    It's rude and disrespectful. There is no doubt that they knew what people would say about this raffle. More political crap. Raffle a vacation to the Salt River or something.
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    Pure politics and no class. They could have easily raffled off many other brands of gun with less backlash. This was done on purpose and it makes me sick to realize what politics are becoming.

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    Don't know what to say seems like bad timing-----BUT if I could I know I'd buy at least a couple of tickets.

    Ya really have to be honest with yourself.

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    Send a couple of ticket my way...
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    It is what it is,I've had all the politically correct we mustn't offend anybody BS I can take,slowly over time we have allowed this type of mentality to kill common sense with zero tolerance,which is about where my tolerance is for all the anti american rhetoric going around today
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    This is only an issue because the Liberals have made it one.

    I'm going to tear this apart because I am sick and tired of giving up to people that would like to me disarmed and helpless against their fellow constituents.

    "When I first heard about this last week in an email, I said 'That's a joke, a sick joke. Nobody could be doing that,'" said Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Rogers, who called on the GOP to make the prize an iPad or a set of golf clubs, "or anything that doesn't conjure up images of that terrible day."
    Oh I get it now. Because Mr.Liberalazi doesnt like guns, and because it is not a prize that he approves of, he pitches a hissy fit in a typical liberal fashion.

    "This is like tearing the scab off a wound. This community is still healing."
    Wrong. The only "healing" going on is by Mrs. Gifford and the other 12 people that got shot.

    A picture of the handgun, being raffled with three 12-round magazines and a case, also appears in the newsletter. The Republicans are selling 125 tickets.
    Story: Doctors: Ariz. shooting suspect still not competent for trial
    Thats part of the problem. The guy was competant enough to buy a gun, fill out a 4473 Form, pass the background check,drive to the meeting, bring a Glock that he loaded,aimed and shot the target he was aiming at, but he is not competant enough to stand trial for it? More typical liberal bleeding heart rhetoric.

    Mike Shaw, interim chairman of the Pima County Republican Party, said he's had no complaints, noting past gun raffles have been effective fundraisers and that responsible gun ownership is a constitutional right.

    "There is absolutely no reason for anyone to think it is inappropriate," he said.
    I concure.No reason to think that its wrong at all...unless you are stupid and pander to such silly notions.

    James Kelley, chairman of the GOP's legislative district that includes the southern Tucson area, said he advised his colleagues not to raffle the gun. He acknowledged the party has held previous gun raffles without problems, "but post-Jan. 8, it's bad messaging, and it's insensitive."

    "It doesn't mean the Republican Party doesn't have an incredible record of supporting the Second Amendment, but at this point it's ill-advised and I won't stand with them on this," Kelley added.
    A mamby pampy.Another usefull idiot that dosent have enough sense to pour self made water out of a boot.

    In Phoenix, House Minority Leader Chad Campbell said Thursday the Pima County GOP raffle plans are "unconscionable."
    Of course it is. Do these self appointed mouthpieces ever find owning a gun conscionable? Is that even a word?

    "Arizona is still healing from these wounds," the Democrat said. "If any good could have come out of this horrific event, it would be civility in our state or employing sensitivity when needed, not reopening the wounds or making light of them."
    Ahhhhhhh....thats it. We need more sensitivity training. I should have known. It must be that owning a gun, buying a gun, or even talking about a gun is not being sensitive to the needs of Democrats. Once again...I have been enlightened.

    Jared Lee Loughner, 22, who has since been diagnosed with schizophrenia, is charged with shooting Giffords and 18 others with a Glock 19 handgun during a shopping center meet-and-greet January 8.

    Six people died in the rampage before bystanders tackled Loughner, preventing him from reloading.
    Anyone suppose that shooting him on the spot would have prevented more people from getting shot? Oh wait....the would be considered "unconsciousable" by the Democrats., who instead prefer target rich environments where people with guns that shoot must be tackled.

    Giffords supports the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, said her spokesman Mark Kimble, though he could not confirm media reports that the congresswoman has owned a Glock handgun
    That did her a lot of good didn't it? Of course,it probably wasnt legal to have it there anyway since it was a public meeting.

    Tickets? I wonder if I am too late.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    sounds fine to me
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