What is the stupidest thing you have ever done or said?

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Thread: What is the stupidest thing you have ever done or said?

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    What is the stupidest thing you have ever done or said?

    I know we have all had our moments where we wish we had an iPhone app that would allow us to go back in time 1 minute and relive a particular situation. So what was that moment for you?

    I can think of two in my life.

    1. Where is said, "You know Barbara.....". Unfortunately I was with Cathy at the time.

    2. Believing a woman when she said that God told her that we were to be married.
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    Once when playing cards (Euchre) I said to my wife to be and my future in laws. "These cards are so bad that my hand is more like a foot." Then because I had almost all clubs in my hand I said "Not just a foot, it's like a club foot.". As I was laughing at my cleverness I wondered why nobody else was laughing. Then my mother in law to be told me she actually had a club foot. I was pretty embarrassed.
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    Too many to choose from...
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    Stabbing myself with an oyster knife at Hooters opening an ornery oyster in the webbing between my thumb and index finger hitting a nerve and nearly passing out. Worst pain I have ever felt.

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    To Many to list for sure.

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    I do???? (just kidding)
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    Actually believing the abusive man who said, "We'll just talk.. in person.. and then it's be over and I'll let you go. We'll meet in public so you will be safe. You pick the place. I just need some answers and I'll never bother you again."

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    The first fime I said I do. (Not kidding) That is the financially stupidest thing Ive ever done.
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    I'm at the stage where there have been so many I consciously think about almost everything that comes out of my mouth now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodle View Post
    The first fime I said I do. (Not kidding) That is the financially stupidest thing Ive ever done.
    Me too.
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    The first I do, the second I do...
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    Marrying a 6' tall, 130#, natural blonde with hair past her shoulder blades, with a 38DD-26-36 figure, borderline nymphomaniac......Fun for a few years but then you have to leave the bedroom and actually live with the witch!!!!
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    haha, this is easy.
    1- divorcing first wife (child support)
    2- marrying second wife (dumb move)

    Back home we say...Mejor solo que mal acompañado (better be alone than in bad company).
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    drinkin n drivin.
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    Ummm, only one???

    I'll say, the time when the wife & I were having 'relations' & I stopped & blurted out, "oh, your sister called."

    She always complained about me forgetting to tell her someone called...still had to explain my way out of that one, though.
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