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Is it worth discussing grammar?

This is a discussion on Is it worth discussing grammar? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I, for one, KNOW that the OP absolutely meant no disrespect when he posted and I think most people understood that. I think that he ...

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Thread: Is it worth discussing grammar?

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    Must Be An Interesting Thread!

    I, for one, KNOW that the OP absolutely meant no disrespect when he posted and I think most people understood that. I think that he just wanted to stimulate a spirited conversation and that he did! While a few people may have felt some people are picking on others they certainly should not feel that way! There have to be a couple of thousand posts on this site that I've read and I could understand EVERY ONE OF THEM, which is the purpose of communicating, is it not?

    Anyway, I personally think that this is a fascinating thread. I think others must feel the same way, too, because were were 74 replies to the OP when I opened it today.

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    Writing skills do matter.


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    Heck yeah, it matters! To properly convey an idea or communicate a feeling, some semblance of decorum is necessary. Even the smallest attempt will help.

    I just love reading & re-reading something, only to realize that I really don't care about the subject or the intent. Who wants to read that much?
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    I live in South Texas,the newspapers down here butcher the English language so bad it's appalling,half the time I swear to god they try to translate how they would say it in spanish into english.
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    I love reading and writing, and while obviously not perfect all the time, I hate seeing the younger generation depend on spell-checkers and using 'text language.'

    Columbus (OH) newspaper Dispatch announced that the city was going to stop teaching cursive writing in the classroom.

    Our local paper once had the headline: "Woman abused by boyfriend, girl in stitches". This ISN"T a funny topic, but if you're an 'old-timer' or understand the double-meaning, I felt the headline was in poor taste even though the original writer didn't intend any humor.

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