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Local gun store being "snobby" any one else have this happen?

This is a discussion on Local gun store being "snobby" any one else have this happen? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Customer service counts BIG with me. I would never spend another dollar there....

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Thread: Local gun store being "snobby" any one else have this happen?

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    Customer service counts BIG with me. I would never spend another dollar there.
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    I too would have walked out with a few wise words, just as you did.

    From the dispassionate position of a forum poster, I agree with High Pockets in that it would have been more effective (assuming you even care at that point) to ask for the manager / owner. You could then explain how you were in the process of being assisted and to wait while pursuing another another purchase and when you complained you were told to that you couldn't be helped because they now had claim to a commission. You could then explain how inexcusably offensive this is as well as being absolutely disrespectful of you and in light of this inexcusable insult, you have decided that you will not be purchasing from them and instead be going to <insert their competitor> and ordering the product even though you will have to wait to receive it.

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    A good experience gets related on average 4 times...a bad one, 7 times on average...In my shoes, with your fact situation, I would have walked and talked as you did..BUT I'd post the name of the shop...I know gunstore's hear blog flames jobs loudly...just sayn...

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    Coming from a customer service background, I have a real appreciation for good customer service and a real disdain for poor customer service. There may be times when your hands are tied and you can't deliver the quality of service that your customer deserves, but this wasn't one of them. Unfortunately, the guy behind the counter most likely does not have an invested interest and could care less if you come back or not. You should write or correspond with the owner and share your experience with him/her.

    Also, the next time when or if someone tells you that the employees get commission and the one that starts the sale has to be the one to end the sale, your response perhaps should be; "well in that case, perhaps I should speak to the owner/manager and see if he'll see things my way. What is your name again?" It may be that the person that wouldn't help you was telling the truth and didn't want to steal a sale but it could have also been a good excuse as to why he couldn't wait on you because he didn't want to help.

    You may not want to go through the trouble of contacting the owner and if you don't, I wouldn't blame you in the least. If the owner has a staff of poor salesmen, then he'll see the result when sales slump off.

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    When I wanted an AR, I visited every LGS within 25 miles of my house.
    Most ignored me, several flat out lied to me, one called me a liar, and one wanted me to buy the Chinese version for $1000.
    (and he told me transfers were $100 if he didn't sell me the gun.)
    Guess what? I went to Gunbroker.com, found someone who wanted to sell me a Colt and I am happy.
    I'll never darken the door of most of those places.

    I do have a favorite, sadly, their selection is lousy, but the people are nice, and at least I do transfers there.
    The founder, now passed away, was great. He would talk to you for an hour, I learned a lot from him and bought a lot through him.

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    My two closest, are Sportsman Inc and Nichols Store, in Rock Hill. Both have great, knowledgeable people who are very friendly. I have bought guns from both stores; my Taurus from Sportsman, and my Savage Model 64 from Nichols.

    I have had a couple bad experiences at a store in Columbia; they're knowledgeable, but they are definitely snobs. None of those stores- that I know of- work off of commission, and I probably wouldn't want to shop there if they did. Commission leads to situations like that. I've worked in customer service for 5 years now, and that was a perfect example of how NOT to treat people. I would have left in a similar manner. Probably after having spoken with the manager/owner.
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    Yeah i would have walked out as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf88 View Post
    Am i over reacting or is this just horrible customer service? I feel liked i got shoved over so he could make a $3500 dollar sale instead of a $220 sale. I would not have cared if he would of done both at once instead of just forgettin about me.
    They are working on commission, that's your answer right there, customer service doesn't rank very high. I would have done what you did. But I have this habit of calling the owner, not the Mgr... the owner, and letting them know why they lost money. Seems that doesn't sit well with most of them.
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    That is a pathetic excuse for customer service. I would not have bought those rifles either.
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    That was definately a "FUJIMO" moment !

    You did the right thing sir.

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    I would have walked too.
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    Good for you "Wolf88". Too many people put up with lousy service these days. I would have also walked out, but only AFTER I spoke with the mgr/owner and told him why I was leaving, and why I would never be back.
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    Sounds like a store I wouldn't be going back to, though I would call and politely explain to the manager exactly why I wouldn't be returning!
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    I would have done the same thing you did and may have informed the owner/boss as well. If we put up with that kind of crap they will never learn. And if a shop owner knows he lost a sale due to his clerk, he will also help educate them. I don't put up with that behavior from someone serving coffee, much less a firearm.

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    Yes, bad customer service.

    I would have left as well and very likely written a letter to the owner explaining the bad service but I would not have allowed my temper to get the best of me. That's the only thing I can think of that you did wrong.

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