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Pay close attention to the above response. Leaving the merchandise on the counter and walking out does nothing but give the clerk the satisfaction of telling everyone you were a jerk. My entire career has been in the customer support business, and I think I speak from experience.

When I encounter the above attitude, and I do often, I make it a point to ask for the owner, or supervisor before I leave, and explain to them why I am leaving their store without making a purchase. The ONLY WAY THEY WILL CHANGE IS IF THE OWNER/MANAGER KNOWS ABOUT THE ISSUE. Sorry about screaming, but 30+ years of dealing with customer issues on a daily basis makes it kind of ingrained.
I agree in principle but disagree in real-life practice. I have better things to do with my time that hunt down a manager or owner in order to educate them about their incompetence, unless I am being paid a management consultant fee. If the person responsible for a retail store does not know how his employees treat customers, his business doomed and there is nothing you or I can do about it.