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Man Shoots Self Instead Of Snake.....

This is a discussion on Man Shoots Self Instead Of Snake..... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Let's dispense with the Caliber Wars here. That is a realy nasty snake. A Cottonmouth. A Water Moccasin. The only appropriate weapon is a 12 ...

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Thread: Man Shoots Self Instead Of Snake.....

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    Let's dispense with the Caliber Wars here. That is a realy nasty snake. A Cottonmouth. A Water Moccasin. The only appropriate weapon is a 12 Gauge with No. 8 shot. I have dispatched several with my trusty 12 GA several times, and firmly believe anything less than 12 GA is criminal. A 10 GA would be better. Maybe even a General Electric GAU-8/A.

    Do you understand me, pilgrim?

    Poor fella. Undergunned and clumsy to boot. Good spirit though. Darn lucky he didn't get bitten then eaten though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PB2 View Post
    The article doesn't say it was there when help arrived. His caretaker, a person who takes care of him, arrived and saw the snake. He then got his gun, shot once and missed. Then shot his own hand on the second shot. The last sentence of the article says the snake got away.
    Thank you. I guess I really misunderstood what I read. Appreciate the correction.
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    I apologize, I guess it was my post that caused the confusion.

    I was referring to the snake in the video above my post, that did not strike even though taunted.
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    The snake got away.
    Snake left... not much a threat , was it.

    Just grab the sucker behind the neck and take him somewhere else, or drop him off at the Ex's house.

    Now Bull snakes, I love them. No one better bother any bull snakes that are around. They do good deeds for us... by eating any mice, field rats, etc. I've seen 1 - 8 footer around the farm house and made sure everyone knew to leave it alone.... he wouldn't be there unless there is some food.
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    I have a Bond, and what is reported doesn't match up, but then, it's a news report.
    Also, a .38? With birdshot. Possible, but doesn't sound like a Bond.
    The Bond is S/A so he would be cocking the hammer, maybe if he was holding the barrel while doing that.

    I'll have to look and see if Bond makes a .38 barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    I agree with the garden hoe method. Shooting a snake isn't easy and I've seen people empty their gun trying to hit the darn things. The last rattlesnake I encountered at my door I simply scooped it into a paper bag and hauled it off to the desert.
    You're braver than I am, I found a caiman/baby alligator in my house about 2 years ago, don't know how it got there or into the bucket we found it in. Called animal control and they didn't know what to do since its Indiana and we don't have those here. So we ended up getting a snake bag and they dumped it in there, water and all. Water filtered out, gator stayed in. To this day I have no idea where it came from, how it got in the house, and how it got stuck in a bucket.
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