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I fired my doctor today

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Thread: I fired my doctor today

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    Did you ever have an opportunity to discuss firearms with her?
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    I read the title of the thread really fast and thought it said, "I fired at my Doc today". Apparently I need new glasses.

    I was thinking that you got into it over your decision to be a "bad parent" and carry a concealed firearm. Obviously now that I have read your post, I know it's due to the lack of quality in the doctor.

    Hope the one you get next will be much better.
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    TN_Mike, rah!

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    "She asked me why I would want to change doctors and if I was unhappy with the care she provided."

    Apparently she thinks that so long if she provides good care then nothing else should matter..........she ain't a people person.

    Good riddance.

    While caring for my elderly father for many years I ran across lots of good ones, but a few bad one's too.............and they didn't last long.
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    Congrats mike. I like how you fired her. I work in a lot of hospitals and these doctors act like they own the world and your under there feet. Good luck with the health issue.

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    brady i did that at the va and i didnt put in a request . i just told him he was fired and got a new doc.
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    I wish I could find the exact quote, but it is something like this:
    You can tell a lot about a person's character by how they treat those who have no power to help them
    (think janitors or servers). Or, in this case, office help.

    Good job, Mike!
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    Good for you, in most reasonably populated areas finding a competent physician is not an issue. Finding one that is the complete package is a whole different discussion. The physician works for you.

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    I sat in an exam room for an hour one time and the doctor never came in. I finally walked out and at the front desk they told me she was in a procedure with another patient. I told them too damn bad, I had my appointment for 3 months and she knew it when she scheduled that procedure. They tried to charge me for the appointment anyway. I changed doctors after that too.

    On the flip side, I really liked my current doctor from the first time I met him. He walked into the exam room, shook my hand, and I knew then I would like him. He had small hands and really thin fingers. Everyone over 40 will appreciate why. :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by high pockets View Post
    Had a doctor many years ago who told me that if I quit smoking, my chest pains would go away. Since I pushed the issue, he agreed to have chest rays taken. Yep, you guessed it, three cracked ribs from a motorcycle accident. Dr. still insisted chest pains would go away if I quit smoking. That was when I walked out and quit the doctor.
    Whats up with some of these people. They don't really listen. I know smoking is bad, but its no need to ignore a patients problems. I think its time for a new doctor. Perhaps an ekg. Spoke with my sister and apparently we have a history of heart murmors and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Did you ever have an opportunity to discuss firearms with her?
    Never bring up the issue of firearms during a hernia exam. You might be coughing louder than normal. Just sayin.


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    I fired my doctor because they decided to post a no firearms sign when mine was found during an exam. Went to wishard and have never looked back. its posted but my doc said ignore the sign. We went shooting three months ago and have been cool ever since. The doctor I fired put me on the trespass list and when I went to get my chart the staff called IMPD and had me escorted out. What a class act huh?
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    Good on ya, Mike!

    After working with & around doctors during the first of 20 years in a couple systems, I learned that it just isn't worth my time to deal with someone who looks at me as just another patient...or a complete stranger. The first doc that I chose was supposed to be a big deal, but after two whole 5 minute face-to-face visits & then seeing her in the hospital workplace several times without getting a glimmer of recognition (much less a return 'hello'), I switched to what turned out to be a great doctor who was very cool.

    The next time I switched was after I moved to another system & picked a doc off the list. The only reason I went to see him in the first place was to monitor my cholesterol (which wasn't bad & the same over 20 years). He was pushing the drugs from the get-go, even though I pointed out to him that both my diet & my (lack of) exercise could use some work. The last straw was having improved my diet over the period of a year or so & scheduling my blood test prior to the visit (& getting the results beforehand), he had the knubs to argue with me & proclaim that my cholesterol & triglycerides had gone up & he thought it was time to try the drugs he'd been pushing. I corrected him & told him it was just the opposite. He picked up the chart & said, "here, I'll show you...oh, I guess they have gone down."

    I called after that visit & switched to a nurse practitioner - which is a story for another day.
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    I had something kind of similar happen to me last Feb. except my situation turned into a life threatening situation by the time it was discovered the dr made a mistake.
    I'd been having these pains in my gut for weeks an they couldn't figure it out. white blood cell count was way to high (warning)
    anything I ate came right back out one end or the other had no appetite was loosing weight they kept on going back an forth over was it the meds I was on or my gall bladder
    then finally I'd had enough an went to a different ER an it was my appendix which was gangrene an septic by the time the emergency surgeon removed it
    after spending 2 weeks in ICU in a med induced coma on 6 different antibiotics an another 2 weeks at a inpatient recovery hospital. I had seen the er surgeon one day an he told me in no uncertain terms that if I'd gone another day I probably wouldn't be here cause my body was in the process of shutting down
    needless to say I don't see that other dr anymore either

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    I had a very poor endocrinologist - dude was really gung-ho on cutting out my thyroid (hyperthyroidism via Graves Disease). He wanted that gland gone. Put me on Synthroid the rest of my life, but close out my file, ("case solved"). I refused and advocated for myself very forcefully. So we did the Tapazole regimen for a year.

    Oh, my brothers, you have no idea the torments I suffered, but at the end my thyroid resumed normal function and I'm remitted. Luckily, I wound up being one of the fortunate 20 percent that survive this treatment and beat the damn thing.

    But what I can't forget is that my endocrinologist was not my friend in this fight. Dude was distant, and all he seemed to want to do was yank that thyroid out of my body. He wasn't concerned with my best outcome, he wanted a quick and easy closure to this patient's problem.

    He was championing his workload, not my health.

    Well, this applies to all of you out there reading this. The same thing applies to you, whatever your health concern is. You must be your own best health advocate. If some issue arises that you need to deal with, then you'd better hit Google hard, hit webmd, adam, every site you can find dealing with your condition.

    Take some time and become a total freaking g-damn expert on your health concern. Learn the language, the treatments, and the percentage outcomes of the various procedures - just like you do before you take your car into a mechanic. You don't want to be flim-flammed.

    When you have that interview-consult with your doc, you want to be so knowledgeable as to make his or her jaw drop. You want to be throwing out the lingo, referencing the studies, making it crystal clear that you are fully up to speed and there will be no scenario where you're being treated like some idiot customer: "We can fix your car, but we have to replace the whatsi-doodle thinga-ma-jig."

    No, never let them do that. The Internet provides you with the tools to understand medical science at a high level and most of the information can be accessed at a layman's perspective. Full disclosure: The best possible result for you might be extremely tough and painful, but you can win that fight. Your doctor will usually lean toward the easy, sure fix that isn't hard, but also isn't the best result from a long-term quality of life perspective for you.
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