Allow me a work place rant....about the new boss...

Allow me a work place rant....about the new boss...

This is a discussion on Allow me a work place rant....about the new boss... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Has anyone else ever been in this situation? (I am in it right now) You work at a place you like. You get along with ...

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Thread: Allow me a work place rant....about the new boss...

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    Allow me a work place rant....about the new boss...

    Has anyone else ever been in this situation? (I am in it right now) You work at a place you like. You get along with everyone you work with. In my case, my immediate supervisor is a guy who likes the same things I do. He has a 1997 Cherokee, I have a '94. He likes to go shooting and so do I. We are actually friends. Everyone in the shop I work in gets along very well.

    But, our boss, the Chief Engineer retired about a year ago. They looked for a long time to find a replacement for the old guy, who was great. The new guy we have had now for about 4 months is a complete jerk. He is a micro-manager, even though when he started he said he wasn't. He HAS to be involved in every little detail and to make matters worse, when he gets involved, the project usually goes to hell.

    He's a VP and boy oh boy does he LOVE those two little letters on his name plate. He is a corporate buzz word jackass. We just had a department meeting and I swear if I had taken a drink of alcohol every time this guy said "moving forward", "corporate exposure" or "revenue stream" I would have been passed out on the floor in the first 30 minutes of that useless meeting.

    He has turned a place I liked working at into a place that I hate coming to every day. I am looking for a job back home in Tennessee because, as long as I'm moving, it may as well be to a state I love anyway. The grass isn't always greener on the other side but at least I'll take a chance at not having to deal with this BS anymore. I just can't stand working for this type of person.

    Anyway, I just needed to rant. I feel a little better now. I'm sure it won't last.
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    Hang in there, Mike. Employment is still better than the alternative - also, everybody has a jackwagon somewhere in their chain of command.
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    What better way to enjoy your days off to the fullest! The more work sucks, the better the days off are!
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    Hang tight, it may just be a session of the new dog marking his territory. Be thankful you can wave adios if it's not.

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    Yep.. same thing happened to me. I worked at a place in PA that I LOVED.. loved my boss.. got tons done.. and to her she really didn't care about your method as long as you got things done. If you needed to work from home to get away from the distractions.. go for it!! If you needed to wait an extra day to get to your email so you could concentrate on other things.. well, if it's important they'd call..

    She gave you so much space you'd be lucky if you saw her twice a week but she trusted the people who worked for her.

    Then see left and her replacement was the complete opposite. Heaven help you if it took you 10 minutes to answer an email. Working at home? OH NO!! If you couldn't get it done in the office then you simply didn't have the kind of work ethic you needed to get it done in a timely manner distractions or no.

    I had more useless meetings with the new boss in a month than I'd had with my old boss in two years.

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    Hang tight. I've seen it happen several times, and believe me, those people move on or up in short order. Document everything, just to save your butt.

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    Mike, trust me you are not alone. Here is my sad story.

    They promoted a women, or should I say "elevated" her to a made up postition by the elected official I work for. I hope the women reading this don't get the wrong idea, but this woman has no place working for us, let alone being a boss. She is a complete, Union card carrying idiot to the 10th degree. She took over the office, micro manages her micro management, she expects us to do our work "Without Exception" on every point and suddenly those of us who have worked here 20+ years don't know how to do our job without her telling us how to do it. The problem is she can't do the job. We (most of the office workers) hate her. I mean it , literally hate this woman. She has successfully killed the morale in our office in just a year and it's getting worse.

    It used to be fine coming to work, but now I dread it. I just turned 55 and if I could retire comfortably, I would be out of here in like 2500 feet per second and not ever look back.

    I hope your situation gets better, really, I do.
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    In my previous job I had a boss I loved that moved on. A coworker who I was friends with was promoted and started acting the same way, trying to flex his muscle. Made life miserable for a while but he eventually came around. Hang in there.
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    Been there done that. Almost quit a incredible job over the lady that was hired to manage our group. I won't go into details but it was with her I learned to keep every single incoming and outgoing email and keep a very detailed diary of every call, action and reaction I was privy to. I went from one extreme to the other - like Limatunes. By the grace of God (and the fact I'm stubborn as a mule), I outlasted her and she got sent to another office in another state where she no longer had any contact. I've been in the job for almost 20 years now and am looking forward to the next 10 when I'll retire.

    Hang in there, CYA and maybe something will present itself back in the great state of Tennessee (Georgia's nice too - come on down).
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    Hang in there, I have "outlived" more than one "i d i o t" boss.
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    Micro managers are micro managers because of low self esteem that is usually a direct result of their own incompetence. It doesn't take long for them to self destruct. You can't spend your life running from the jackasses of the world; you'll get really worn out and tired long before you accomplish anything. Turn the ship around and head directly into the wind, and most the time they'll cower; remember why they are micro managers.
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    Hang in there sometimes such idiots will self-destruct on their own. I know how you feel; at my last duty assignment before retiring I worked for a LtCol that since he had been assigned to the Pentagon thought the world should revolve around him. Since we did not see eye-to-eye he wrote me a performance report insuring I would not make SMSgt. Unfortunately for another squadron he was promoted to their commander but at least I no longer had to put up with him.
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    I live in NC and late in 2007, I accepted a job in the Richmond, VA area. I actually went to work for a former boss, the Engineering VP, who had moved with a former employer (now under new ownership) and the position I filled had actually been created specifically to hire me. While not the easiest person to work for, I had past experience with him and knew how he managed and how to relate to him. After about a year of working for him, his boss left the company and was replaced. His new boss, played the game of hiring someone and pointing out that "this guy is going to be your replacement, when you retire. Your ready to retire right?" After that, the job went down hill fast. People who were the 'go to' guys under the former boss, were now all but unwelcome while the ones who weren't were elevated and promoted. The boss wasn't the proverbial jerk and for many there he was undoubtedly easier to work for, but if you were one of the previous boss' guys, forget about it.

    I mention the time frame, late 2007, and I started the job Jan 2nd 2008, right before the housing market fell off a cliff and this job involved relocation as my home was about 225 miles away. For the next three years, I (and sometimes my wife) lived M-F in our travel trailer parked in a campground and returned home most weekends. It was a miserable experience with the economy showing no opportunity for an end in site. So here I was, stuck having spent 3 winters in an RV and facing a 4th, owning a home I couldn't live in and paying for two places to live. The job had gone from excellent career prospects to being told that I would never get anywhere with that company. I was miserable. Finally, after over a year of looking, I found a job opportunity that allowed me to return home. I now work in a totally different environment (it is a utility instead of a manufacturing company and doesn't have the monthly cycle) and am much better off.

    So my advice to the OP would be to keep your eyes open for an opportunity to return to TN. One will come along, but it may take a while.

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    Quite often the difference between a good job and a bad job is your boss or coworker. Being in EMS, your partner is everything. I feel for you. Several years ago I got a bad boss AND a bad partner about the same time. I lasted six months before one got us fired by the other. Alas things changed, time passed, and I am back with my old employer, in a better position. Old boss mellowed and transferred. Old partner I'll never see again (hopefully!).
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    Been one place 30 years... Every five years or so we gets a new buncha experts. I'm still here, they all gone... And I can leave any time I wants to... but I just prefer to stay a thorn in their sides... It's fun... Last jerk that wanted me fired, I told my boss to relay the message that when he (the jerk) was on his way out, I'd be happy to help him cart his stuff to his car...
    That was about 10 years ago, he's been replaced 3 times.

    Don't sweat the little stuff... and believe me it's all little stuff..

    But since I am thinking about leaving next year.. and moving to the state you love, Mike... save a job for me down there to fart around with while I'm retired..

    P.S. when you leave, tell 'em you were looking for a good job when you got the one they hired you for...
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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