Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics!

Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics!

This is a discussion on Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; SWMBO and I got married in Pittsburgh last week and we took the time to visit the mall where I worked as a teenager. It ...

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Thread: Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics!

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    Post Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics!

    SWMBO and I got married in Pittsburgh last week and we took the time to visit the mall where I worked as a teenager. It also happens to be the mall where the 1978 classic movie "Dawn of the Dead" was filmed. Many of the scenes in the mechanical rooms were filmed behind the store where I once sold shoes. If you are a fan of George Romero's flesh eating ghouls, you will recognize many of the locations in these pictures. I'm not going to lie, going in the back hallways and seeing the entrance to JC Penny's, and the long hallway where the payphones used to be gave me goosebumps. If you've only seen the "fast zombie" remake, do yourself a favor and check out the original. And if you get near Pittsburgh in your travels, make the trip, and bring your camera.

    Most of the interior of the mall has changed and been modernized, but many 1970's features still remain. like the stonework.

    The entranceway, on the roof you can see the skylights where the survivors made entry.

    The loading dock is smaller, but this is where the trucks were parked in the movie.

    Mrs Superhouse and I outside the Penny's entrance.

    Inside, here is the escalator the SWAT team members slid down inside the store.

    The elevator featured in several scenes, and where the pilot was overcome by zombies. Mrs Superhouse posing again.

    The big fountains are all gone, and the big ugly clock tower, but this bridge was in a couple scenes and is still the same.

    Behind the scenes in the back hallway. Even though the outside of the mall has changed, this area is almost exactly the same. Goosebumps in full effect. I also noticed that I was subconsciously touching my CCW to make sure it was there like a brand new carrier. I never do that.

    The air vents and mechanical rooms are still the same

    The only change I saw was that the stairwells are painted red, they were a dirty white in the movie.

    And the love of my life, armed in all of these pictures including this one.

    Thanks for looking.

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    God I love Zombie Movies!

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    Thanks for the tour!

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    Swweeeet! That is one of the best movies ever, and is definitely still the best zombie movie of them all.
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    That's awesome, my wife and I are big Zombie movie fans! Congrats for getting married!
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    Congrats,I remember 1978,if a Zombie woulda come on base I woulda lit him up with my M16A1
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    Congratulations on your marriage. That is a pretty neat piece of personal history too.

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    Cool! Thanks for shareing.

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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
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    Thanks for the back door walk down memory lane.

    Congratulations on the wedding bells.
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