Android vs. iPhone 4S

Android vs. iPhone 4S

This is a discussion on Android vs. iPhone 4S within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I have been a Blackberry user for 5 plus years. Im up for a phone upgrade in December...was settled on a Motorola Photon 4G, but ...

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Thread: Android vs. iPhone 4S

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    Android vs. iPhone 4S

    I have been a Blackberry user for 5 plus years. Im up for a phone upgrade in December...was settled on a Motorola Photon 4G, but now the iPhone 4S comes out and looks pretty great too. One is Android and the other obviously iPhone. Never any experience with either.

    I dont live in a 4G area right now, so the 3G is fine for right now on the iPhone. It has a smaller screen but overall only has better video than the Moto. Moto has a bigger screen. Other than those things everythign is equal.

    Techies help me out.
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    I have an HTC Incredible and it's okay. Maybe I was expecting more, since it is my first web phone.
    Seems painfully slow sometimes.
    If I had to do it over, I would get the i-Phone. It just seems to be a bit more seamless, especially if you use other Apple products.
    However, using AT&T would be a deal breaker. (AT&T has the most dropped calls, and their crappy customer service is legendary. I used to be an AT&T customer, so I know.)
    I prefer Verizon, and when Verizon get's the i-Phone 5, I may switch.
    Screen size is not as important as I first thought, since you zoom text up anyway.
    I don't like the idea of android phones sending ALL your data through Google, since they are not really trustworthy.
    Add to that, advertising in apps, and I'm not in love with android.

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    You could do like me. Just a plain basic cellphone. All that other crap is a way for them to milk more money from you.
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    Motorola Droid II Global checking in! No complaints and no further "wants."

    Edit: well, one complaint. Its hard to type on the first row of the slide out qwerty keyboard because of my nails.

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    Even though I'm not an Apple fan, I do believe that they have the hands-down best user interface for interactive screens (I still hate the UI on their traditional PC's).

    I plan on upgrading everyone in my household to the iPhone for Christmas (I always keep us on the same platform, so that we can cross-train).
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    Chevy vs. Ford or Glock vs. XD or iPhone vs. Android

    I have an iPhone 3GS and just purchased the 4S. In every article I have read on a new phone, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a section that starts "...and compared to the iPhone." Right now, they are the undisputed leader, IMHO.
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    Just like buying a new gun, go try them both out before deciding. Fiddle with the UI and see what you like. For me, I like the openness and the MUCH larger number of free apps on Android over iPhone. There is no doubt, though, that Apple knows how to make a beautiful handset. And while you don't live in a 4G area yet, they are rolling out new areas continuously and once they do, the 3G phones are going to look like dinosaurs. It's like the difference between EDGE and 3G. So check carefully!!
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    I preordered the 4S as soon as it went online, so I should be getting mine this Friday to upgrade from my 3GS. One thing to keep in mind with 4G networks is that they aren't available on a large scale yet, so I think it is still mostly a marketing gimmick...kind of like 3D tv. I'd go for the phone that all others are compared to.

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    If you are an AT&T customer and expect to be able to upgrade to an iPhone "5" should it come out early to mid next year, skip the 4S. New policy is no more upgrades on iPhone for twenty months.

    Aside from that, I hate Apple and I hate iPhone
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    I'm writing this from my droidx. It does everything I want and then some! Wouldn't give it up for the world, except for the new droid bionic. The biggest drawback about the iphone is you cant replace the battery yourself...

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    I can't believe how much I have in common with the OP, right down to my Blackberry expiring in December. I have been swimming in details trying to make a decision on Android vs. iPhone. I will be watching this thread closely!

    Another reason this site is so cool.

    Thanks jwhite, I never thought of asking the experts around here!

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    I just got the Droid Bionic, as it is my first smart phone I really have nothing to compare it to, but it seems to do everything I need & do it well.
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    I have had my HTC Inspire 4G for about 9 months or so now. I have used iPhone 3Gs and 4's, and will never buy an iPhone. They are inferior in every way IMO. I can't think of why I would want one. My roommate sold his iPhone 4 and got the same phone I have. My ex sold her iPhone and got the same phone I did after that. And then her friend bought one. I'm not saying my phone is the best, because it was only $99, but I feel that an Android phone is a better option.

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    I've played with many of the android phones and all of the iPhones. I think Apple has the simplest user interface. Anyone can pick up an iPhone and instantly find their way around. The android phones need a bit of a learning curve and the Windows phones are the worst ever. You need like a 3-inch book to teach you how to get around the windows phones. Also the Apple phones have the best selection of apps available currently, although that will change eventually.
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    Well, it depends on your carrier, but... I posted this up on another forum that was asking the same questions. Everyone seems mad about the specs on the new iphone, for some reason. They wanted it to be better. Here are my opinions on the matter:

    Firstly, I want to say that I have owned an iphone for 2 years. It was a great phone for half of the time that I owned it, and it was a good phone for another 6 months. It got too dated in the past 6 months, so it was time to upgrade, and I did.

    That said, here is how I would stereotype a user of a phone platform:

    iPhone: "Social status" of iProducts. They are easy to use, and have a low learning curve. iOS has some great features and a smooth UI. Apple started the innovative direction phones are in. It's closed platform (for some reason, people have been sheepled into thinking this is a good thing). Hardware is pretty good, but can be (objectively) outclassed when comparing to android devices at similar price points. I would recommend the iPhone for a new user of a smartphone, or someone who isn't extremely technically inclined. Mom and Dad can figure iOS out.

    Android: Open sourced platform. Tech geeks love this platform. It is completely customizable. It is the most complicated platform to learn and use. It has the least restrictions on apps. This is in no way a bad thing, and contrary to "popular" belief, this does not pave the way for "bad" apps or viruses. In fact, it allows many apps that are denied by apple or carriers because they don't put cash directly in the pockets of apple or the carriers (AKA, it makes Apple more money to deny certain services). It may be the least restrictive, but it is still restrictive in deeper aspects - both by phone companies and google. Hardware ranges from low to top end.

    Windows Phone: For business users and for productivity. This is the most closed platform (surprising, microsoft...) with the fewest apps and the least customization. However, it does what it is supposed to do, very well. I would say this is the least "techie" of the platforms. Even Grandma can figure it out. No flash (I think).

    So, lets look at the iPhone 4s and see where it shines and where it falls short. Then compare that to a similar priced Android device.

    The Good/Above Average:
    CPU and GPU - same as the iPad2. Dual core and pretty fast. This phone will have great graphics and has a strong processor. Perhaps the best graphics in the current market.

    Screen - It's the same LED screen. Apple kept it's small size, but it still has an extremely high resolution and high pixel density (960x640). This means it is still one of the clearest and brightest screens on the market. Size is size. Good for some, bad for others. Personally, I like smaller screens with higher resolution.

    Camera - It's 8MP and has a good lens. One of the best out there. Don't get caught up in megapixel wars. This is an advertising gimmick. The quality lies in the hardware - like the lenses. Captures 1080p video.

    iOS: It is a solid OS. It has its ups and downs, but it is very nice. It is pretty easy to figure out for newcomers to the smartphone world (low learning curve). It can't get overly complicated because of its lack of customization - aka it is very standardized and won't be too confusing.

    The Below Average/Bad:
    Memory - Although the phone has several memory options, it starts at 16BG for $200. This would be a fine price point, if the phone had an expansion slot for an SD card. However, it does not. The iphone is really falling short here when compared to similarly priced phones from the competitors...

    RAM - Only 512 Mb. I say "only" because this definitely should have increased to 1GB. Similarly priced phones (the $200 range) have at least 1GB of ram. This is especially important for multitasking with those dual cores...

    No 4G LTE or WiMax - Apple obviously did this for AT&T - so that the phones are still evenly matched spanning across the carriers. Since the phones do not have flash support, this probably isn't a huge deal, anyways.

    Which leads to... No Flash Support - Why?? Cmon Apple. The hardware is there. Android has proven that phones can easily handle flash intensive sites and flash video. There is no more excuses for this. Flash will die when people abandon it. Companies can't just force them to... Without flash, you simply don't have a full fledged internet browsing experience.

    iOS: It is much more restrictive than Android in almost every aspect.
    Competition Prices with Contracts:
    Samsung Galaxy S2 ($200)
    Nexus Prime (unreleased)
    Moto Droid Bionic ($200-$300)
    HTC Titan (unreleased - I think)
    HTC Sensation ($200)
    Edit: Photon 4g would go here, too ($200)
    So, the iphone 4S is pretty good. I would say it's price is on point for what it does. I'm not sure what people are complaining about. Had they called in an iPhone 5 maybe people would be more excited? Maybe they think apple is stiffing them? I don't really see why they would think this. The iPhone has always been slightly outclassed by the competition. That's not really why people buy them in the first place, is it? If it is, you can always get an android device.

    So what did I purchase for my upgrade? I decided against the new iPhone. In fact, I decided against a new Android phone as well. Windows 7 phone wasn't for me, either. ...I picked up the Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T) for $25 at It is a dual core 1ghz tegra 2 (7 core nvidia GPU) phone with 16GB internal memory with a 32GB expansion slot, 1 GB of ram, 5mp camera with a good lens, Android version 2.3 (gingerbread), background noise cancellation, 540x960 high res screen, and a biometric fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone. Did I mention that I spent $25 on it?

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