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    ...and now (drum roll) "Son of Stuxnet"!

    A lot of speculation by the "reporters" here, I suggest that you read the Symantec and McAfee reports to get the facts, even there it may not be obvious to determine fact from speculation.
    From Symantec:

    Duqu shares a great deal of code with Stuxnet; however, the payload is completely different. Instead of a payload designed to sabotage an industrial control system, the payload has been replaced with general remote access capabilities. The creators of Duqu had access to the source code of Stuxnet, not just the Stuxnet binaries. The attackers intend to use this capability to gather intelligence from a private entity to aid future attacks on a third party. (Speculation) While suspected, no similar precursor files have been recovered that predate the Stuxnet attacks.

    Regardless it is interesting to watch from a distance and eye opening when the possibilities are thought through.
    Plus the "speculations" on who is doing this?
    Considering that it looks like Stuxnet accomplished its purpose (anyway in part) of disrupting or preventing Iran's nuclear capability. What are "they" looking for now?
    Cyber spies and cyber attacks may be the battlefront of the future.
    I'm a bit old fashioned in this and of the mindset that we should have and maybe still should destroy some peoples ability to arm themselves with certain types of armament before it is too late and in more conventional ways that have GREATER impact on everyone watching.
    Keeping in mind that when it comes to my family, my country...
    "The best defense is owning the BEST offense" :)
    LEARN something today so you can TEACH something tomorrow.
    Dominus Vobiscum <))>(
    Where is the wisdom that we have lost in knowledge?" T.S. Elliot

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    Thank you for posting an interesting topic here. A while ago, I also read an article entitled "Duqu virus uses Stuxnet DNA to mine industrial data". In 2010, the computer malware Stuxnet infected nuclear control systems in Iran and it had been profoundly hard for the experts to determine the virus. Recently, a second comparable malware has been discovered, and it was named Duqu. The malware was designed to mine information from European industrial computers. And here is the thing: the virus is intended to download sensitive information that could be used to launch further, destructive effects! That is totally damaging! I hope that a halt will be placed soon to shun the destruction from escalating.

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