Is "We need common Sense laws" a standard debate term now?

Is "We need common Sense laws" a standard debate term now?

This is a discussion on Is "We need common Sense laws" a standard debate term now? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Watching the news this morning and the wild animal story in Ohio came up, they were talking about the laws here in our state, and ...

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Thread: Is "We need common Sense laws" a standard debate term now?

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    Is "We need common Sense laws" a standard debate term now?

    Watching the news this morning and the wild animal story in Ohio came up, they were talking about the laws here in our state, and could it happen here. When a lady come on and said, "What we need is some common sense laws on animal control". I almost spit my lucky charms all over the kitchen table. She was as sincere as she could be. I couldn't believe it. Is this the new "Remember the Alamo"

    Has anyone else heard anyone say this about some other topic.
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    Ya think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son View Post
    ... I almost spit my lucky charms all over the kitchen table...
    Oh, you got me on that one...
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    It is sort of a canned generic and non-threatening response because you just can't say..........

    "We need to fire the morons who can't make a decent law to keep crap like this from happening......"
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    The only problem with common sense laws is finding legislators with enough common sense to enact them. Most of the loons in office now have no sense whatsoever, common or otherwise.
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    The problem I see is that every state legislature building has the "No Common Sense Allowed Past This Point" signs posted at the entry.
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    Sure is, especially if it is "For the Children"
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son View Post
    "What we need is some common sense laws on......"
    Is the mantra normally parroted by those that have none.
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    My question is this: How in the heck do you regulate suicidal nitwits? The guy was crazy and did something crazy. Nobody was hurt except his pets, and while that stinks, it's not really a big deal.
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    "Common sense" is lib-berish for repressive, prohibitive and controlling. Hope that clears it up.
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    The laws are "okay." We need more people with common sense.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    After around 200 years of trying to legislate the stupid out of society we seem to be having a difficult time of learning that it doesn't work unless the penalties are sufficient to dissuade our Darwin award winners to do something different.

    Too bad Lindsay Lohan couldn't have been doing some of her court ordered service helping catch the animals that were released. Then both problems could have been solved. PETA would probably have a problem with the poisoning of the animals though.

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    Common sense is for the masses without enlightened leadership.

    Hey, maybe I just wrote my new sig. ?

    Maybe that's why Thomas Paine wrote his pamphlet?

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    Back during World War 2, it was said of the Marines and other service members fighting on Iwo Jima, that "Uncommon valor was a common virtue."

    Somehow in the 60 some odd years since then, it seems that common sense is an uncommon virtue.

    But heck, what do I know?
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