...for a contest being run by author extraordinaire Larry Correia. Larry started out posting his stories over on The High Road and has managed to parlay that humble beginning into a career as a best-selling author. His main series of books combine his two great loves: B-movies and Big Guns. The Monster Hunter series are great books, and I think any gunny would be mighty entertained by them.

The contest was to submit a Monster Hunter Team patch; the ones with the most votes will get the submitting team a cameo in the next book due out. Since I first read Monster Hunter International I had been using the name "MHI Team Chesapeake" for team 3-Gun events, so creating a patch was a no-brainer.

So, if you've got a few minutes, go over to Monster Hunter Nation and look at all the submissions then post a comment in this thread (MHI Patch Contest: VOTE NOW) to cast your vote for MHI Team Chesapeake (and any other worthies you so desire—there are some great entries).

Thanks so much!

Folks, I would really appreciate your vote...-mhi-chesapeake.png