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What do you keep in your emergency kit?

This is a discussion on What do you keep in your emergency kit? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; In addition to the other items you listed, light sticks poncho toilet paper fleece blankets with water proof nylon shell (lighter than wool, and wind ...

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    In addition to the other items you listed,

    light sticks
    toilet paper
    fleece blankets with water proof nylon shell (lighter than wool, and wind proof)

    Everything is packed in a surplus 72 hr expedition bag. If you break down on the side of the road, you don't want to sit in it waiting for help. Better to get back off the road and watch the road traffic.

    My buddy just told me of an incident where he had moved off the road, someone stopped and attempted to break into his car. When he approached, this individual approached in a threatening manner. My friend pulled his firearm, the hostile left and a little later two cruisers pulled up. The hostile had called the cops, and after my friend explained the situation, the other guy got busted with meth in the car.

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    Also, a plastic tarp and paracord.

    I need to add zip ties for detainee security.

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    I keep a case of bottled water as a matter of course in the back seat of my pick up 24/7/365. I've never had a failure of the plastic containers in any weather. Also, while the water can and will freeze in Winter temperatures, my experience is that only the outer bottles really freeze up solidly, the inner layers being somewhat insulated. Also the tendency to freeze is limited by the amount of use the vehicle gets, the longer it's in operation at comfortable temperatures, the less time the cold has a chance to work on it.

    I've also got about an 8" x 14" canvas bag with many of the items already mentioned stuffed inside, and several different weight coats and gloves, knit caps. Nobody rides in the back seat, so I cram it full of "what if" gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Is a blizzard really a concern in Texas? I'd include on of those fat burns forever candle, and maybe some flares
    While Its true we don't have blizzards, we do have ice-storms. We had one roll into the metroplex a few years ago right in the middle of the day. Ii was stuck on the road for 6 hours trying to get home from work.
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    Best New Auto Kit Item

    Best thing for a roadside emergency. This is way better than a reflective triangle and way safer than roadside flares. It's called a "Batterysavers 300 Lumen Blinking Lantern" I use it all the time so other cars can really see me at night. It's good to both change a tire or in blinking mode brightly let other drivers your on the side of the road and "be carefull". Down here in Florida people are always getting hit in I-95 after breaking down. When u are on the side of the blazing highway, or even slower road, the lantern in BLINKING mode is so bright that an on coming driver can see you from more than a 1/2 mile away. Put it on "BLINK" mode and set it either on top over your car or right on the road. I bought the roadside auto emergency kit and put the bllinking lantern inside. They have a big one and small one. I got the big one. I'm new here and don't know if i'm allowed to post a link but here's the lantern that fits in the auto kit: http://www.batterysavers.com/Emergency-Road-side-kit.html Good luck and stay safe..

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    Baby wipes,gloves,some type of GPS,plenty of water!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbqgrill View Post
    Gene, sorry, I did not mean to imply that it did not happen to you rather that the incident was likely an absolute freak occurance. As for the brand the Mythbuster tested I have no recollection, I saw that episode several years ago. I think the report you attached bears out, that there are limited instances where this has happened and some of those involve refilled/overfilled lighters. I wonder how much the UV degradation of the plastic body of the lighter plays a role in this type of accident.
    Apparently the problem was with Chinese imports that were not being manufactured to industry standards (like the ones that they would give you with a carton of cigarettes). The problem was apparently bad enough that the industry trade association was asking for more enforcement to keep the substandard lighters out of the country. It's been years since I even smoked, so this was probably back in the late 90's. I'd still rather have matches in a watertight container for a safety kit though.
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