Yep, another Remora thread ..... but try it first.

Yep, another Remora thread ..... but try it first.

This is a discussion on Yep, another Remora thread ..... but try it first. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I've been using my Remora reinforced top holster with my PM9 almost exclusively for several months. I find a lot of uses for it: tucked ...

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Thread: Yep, another Remora thread ..... but try it first.

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    Yep, another Remora thread ..... but try it first.

    I've been using my Remora reinforced top holster with my PM9 almost exclusively for several months. I find a lot of uses for it: tucked in between the seats in the truck, or in the pocket at the bottom of the door, or under the console, as well as all the usual places like in the small of my back or in my pocket, either in my jeans or the side pocket of a pair of cargo pants.

    I got to thinking it looked a little bulky in my pockets, and you could from time to time see the grip print, so I emailed Alan and asked him if he'd ever thought of making a true pocket holster. We shared a few emails, and I basically told him I trusted him, if he thought a simple non-reinforced top was sufficient I'd be happy to try one.

    Two days later, with no order placed and no funds exchanged, a Remora 3B shows up in my mailbox with an additional sweat guard attached to it. Just out of the blue, Alan shipped me some goodies.

    The holster and the guard work perfectly, hides right in my pocket, without the reinforced top it slips right in and conceals just fine. But this is not actually about the holster.

    This is about the fact that Alan, with no order placed, no money exchanged, just shipped me something to try out. I don't know this man personally, I've only bought two holsters from him, and just don't have a lengthy personal relationship with him. But he still just went ahead and sent me some goodies to try. I went online and made the payment, and I'm very happy with this setup for pocket carry.

    But it got me to thinking: how many other 'markets' in America operate this way? Just open and honest trust in a fellow man? Do you think you could call the computer seller and ask him a few questions and have one show up at your door to 'try'? Granted, a $25-$30 holster is a bit less of an investment for the vendor, but how about a low-end cell phone from one of the cell phone providers? Or a printer from an office supply store? Or any other myriad examples we could come up with.

    I believe that like-minded individuals such as ourselves, gun-friendly folks, operate within markets -- that is, at the basic definition of a market, I have something to sell and you want to buy it -- that are considerably more open, honest and trustworthy than most of the rest of the markets in America. I think there is a decided difference in dealing with another person when you know where they stand on an issue as basic to our Constitution as gun ownership.

    Now ... here's the kicker: if we really wanted to 'take back America', wouldn't it make sense to drive that sort of thinking into every other market in America? Trust, respect, and the ability for both parties on both sides of the ball to feel comfortable with levels of trust and respect inherent in a good, mutually beneficial, solid relationship. An honest value for an honest dollar? Those kinds of things.

    I'd bet that would do more for America than just about anything else that any politician is proposing.

    Just my .02.
    I'm in favor of gun control -- I think every citizen should have control of a gun.
    1 Thess. 5:16-18

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    I had a similar experience with Alan and Remora Holsters. I liked it so much I ordered several more holsters for the other guns I occasionally carry. Its great to see someone stand behind their products.

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    Thats why I try to buy from the small Usa co and made in Usa products when I can. My 1st Remora is coming today :)

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