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Adolf Hitler in Custody Battle

This is a discussion on Adolf Hitler in Custody Battle within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Arborigine Damned nazi screwed up a good mustache style for everyone! True story: many years ago, in my first 'real' job, we ...

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Thread: Adolf Hitler in Custody Battle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    Damned nazi screwed up a good mustache style for everyone!
    True story: many years ago, in my first 'real' job, we used to have a department meeting at 8:15 every day in the dept. conference room. One morning, one gentleman had the misfortune of cutting himself on his upper lip, just below his nose sufficiently to require a band aid. While that would have been enough in itself for a few laughs, it turns out the day before some sales representative had left small samples of rubber belts on the table. A few minutes before the meeting, several people grabbed the belt samples, held them under their nose and gave this poor guy a raised right arm salute. The band aid didn't stay on his face much longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noway2 View Post
    By taking the kids away for naming them these things, the state has become like that which it is objecting to.

    While the names are in poor taste, and undoubtedly will bring the children grief, it is still parental privilege and I don't condone the state's actions.
    This^^^^^^^^^^^...and it should make everyone of us worry just as much as the anti 2A folks do!
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    The problem here is that people do stupid things all the time. Do we really need the government stepping in just because someone has the audacity to name a child something others consider abhorrent?

    This agency has taken the child abuse thing way too far. Could it be child abuse with an unpopular or dumb name? I really don't know it for a fact. That should not be up to some child protective agency to decide. I believe they have crossed the line. If the child was being neglected or physically abused in some manner, they would have the reasons to get this child.

    It looks like the state has a real problem with this family and since they cannot make the parents conform with their version of how it should be, they go after the child. If they can remove the child and get him to some "normal" adoptive parents then they can get his name changed and begin the re-education of said child. This is a path we do not want Government to go down.

    The reason is that one day, we may hear that knock on our door with a warrant saying your child's name is endangering him or her and we are taking the child.
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    I agree that parents have the right to name their children almost anything they wish. My 3rd child middle name is Hitch. It's the first part of my company name
    <---- see avatar. Left off King and .com My older son is pissed that I did not name him Hitch since he was born first.

    I think that the Adolf and his sister will be on the court house steps on their 18th birthday looking for a name change but that it is their choice. Until then.

    True story: My mother uncle wanted to have his name changed from Goldstein to Gold (He thought Goldstein sounded to Jewish) so he fills out the papers and goes to court. The presiding judge looks over the papers and tell him "Sorry sir but your request it denied" Why? The judge replies'" If I can go thru life with the last name as Schmuck you can go thru life as Goldstein. (Schmuck is the Yiddish slang for Penis)

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