Rifle Scope w/ Red Dot on AR Mounting Advice Please....

Rifle Scope w/ Red Dot on AR Mounting Advice Please....

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Thread: Rifle Scope w/ Red Dot on AR Mounting Advice Please....

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    Rifle Scope w/ Red Dot on AR Mounting Advice Please....

    Ok, I'm trying to make my Sig 522 "tacticool" but still functional for an upcoming camp for kids with cancer that I'm going to be getting involved with through a friend of mine that I work with.
    The theme for the next camp is military stuff and activities.
    I'm ahead of the curve having the AR styled .22...now I just need to trick it out. Where is X-Zibit when you need him???

    While looking though various post on another site I'm on I found this pic.....

    Ok, I thought this is what I wanted to accomplish but with the red dot so far away from the barrel I was worried about the darn thing being able to even hit a target. So what I started to think of was just mounting it as close the barrel/rail as possible.

    Right now I just have a lower end BSA 4-12X40 on there with a riser, which will be replaced with taller rings, and I'm wanting to put a red dot/reflex type sight on there somewhere too.
    It seems the only things I can find are at a 45* angle. Would I have to angle the weapon then to aim with it?(Firing while wearing my gas mask in basic comes to mind)
    Does a rail attachment exist that is at an even(flat or 180*) level with the existing rails on the weapon and not at some angle? If you know of one please clue me in.

    I've got some Amazon.com points I can use so thats where I started my search.
    Here are a few things I found that I'm considering.....

    I'm not totally against this idea and I think it would "look cool" but how well do you think the red dot would function being that high up?

    Here is another option but being almost as much as the previous item I might as well get the one above that way I don't have to buy this and new rings too.

    These are are pretty much the same but you get the idea...
    Amazon.com: 45 Degree Off-Set Rail Mount weaver Style: LG Outdoors

    I Haven't looked too much at the red dots yet but this is kind of what I'm shooting for. A Burris FastFire would be nice but its just not practical right now.
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    Needs more accessories!


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    uuuummmmm....well, put it this way, whatever it is that theyre aiming at that requires a 12x scope, theyre not going to hit with a 22lr. If the idea is "tacticool", teach them basics of shooting with a suped-up 10-22 and 2x7 scope. if you really want to go the route of the AR platform, go for the .308 and really let'em have fun. the reflix sight is not necessary coz I dont think you want these kids running around and conducting dynamic carbine drills. Keep it medium range (50-100 yds), keep it fun and educational.

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    Serious folks don't stack up the optics on ARs these days, they run offset mounts. The primary optic, typically the scope, is in the conventional position, and the secondary (e.g., the red dot) is mounted clocked about 45 degrees to one side or the other (mostly to the right side for right-handed shooters). Thus if the primary goes down you simply rotate the carbine a little and your red dot is in your line of sight without having to crawl all over the stock, and the toe of the gun butt remains in your shoulder pocket, where it belongs.

    I have to ask why you want to put your scope any higher than it already is. With a normal grip on a carbine, the charging handle is right at nose level, so your sights should not require you to lift your head to use them.
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