Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV

Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV

This is a discussion on Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Lady calls 911 when she sees suspects in her house via live CCTV streaming online from her office. Though she doesn't mention the second suspect ...

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Thread: Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV

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    Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV

    Lady calls 911 when she sees suspects in her house via live CCTV streaming online from her office.

    Though she doesn't mention the second suspect to the dispatcher (seen 28 seconds in) she eventually mentions it later (2:47). She could've been a little better at describing the suspects in case they run, but it's better than nothing. Bravo Zulu, lady!

    Oh and great finger control from those officers!
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    That's another oldie but a goodie!
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    I've always liked that video.
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    Wait a second!!! You mean dogs didn't scare them off!?? LOL. I know for a fact that my pit bulls wouldn't have ran and hid....they would have had some plaid hoodie in there mouth when I came home.... just goes to prove hoe there is no sense of awareness anymore....come on people a dog door?? If I have on of those that stays open I am going to have a bad dog to watch it for me

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    They make doggy doors that need the animal to walk up to release the lock using the signal from the collar. The home owner need a bigger dog.

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    First time that I have watched this video. I wonder what I'd be saying if it were my home and I was seeing the robbery taking place? I'd want to go there and pop these two with some large caliber ammo, no doubt, but I hope this never happens to me.

    Fortunately my dog would not be so friendly. The cops would have to shoot these thugs to put them out of their misery because of the mauling they would recieve.
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    I've never seen this video before, but would like to have a similiar setup in my own home. I too, would have given them a dose of lead poisoning, had I been at home.

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    Why install a CCTV and no Alarm?

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