So, many of us have been bombarded by USCCA (Tim Schmidt) emails about his wonderful new product, sham wow... ooops wrong product... Defense Shield.

Yesterday, I got one such email linking me to this site with "Studies and Articles or all gun owners"...

Today, I got an email titled "Could YOU pull the trigger..?" from good ol' Tim tellin me how great his DS product is... and he says "Look at the case quoted in the article:"

" Experts point to a 2006 Iowa Supreme Court case as an example of the need for gun owners to carry self-defense insurance. The court ruled that a mother of three who shot and killed an intruder acted intentionally. Therefore, her homeowner’s and farm insurance policies didn’t have to pay for her defense in a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the intruder’s survivors."

"Tracey Roberts was at her home in rural Iowa with her three children on the evening of Dec. 13, 2001. While she was upstairs preparing her 1-year-old daughter for a bath, she heard noises downstairs. When she looked downstairs, she saw two people coming toward her — Dustin Wehde and an unidentified second intruder."
Problem is here, that ten years after the fact, they found Tracey Roberts guilty of murder... See, she killed Dustin Wehde to cover up that she was trying to conspire with Dustin to frame her husband... and Dustin was a loose end she needed to take care of. Article here

Defense Shield might have paid Ms. Roberts for all those pesky legal fees, too... back then ten years ago... and of course they'd be holding the bag now that she was found guilty... that would be justice done in an ironic sort of way....

I wish DC would really consider vetting some of its sponsors.