Why looking for trouble isnt a good idea

Why looking for trouble isnt a good idea

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Thread: Why looking for trouble isnt a good idea

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    Why looking for trouble isnt a good idea

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    That was awesome that those punks got stiffed like that. Shoot they might have gotten off easy, it seams like there could be a terrorizing charge
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    What idiots.....
    ....all involved
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    Roadster drives into a "dead end" area then ... the video clip terminates. Unknown what happens after that.
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    I think I would have taken the tape to the police station--their comments on the tape show their intent to commit a felony. Meanwhile, the "owners" of the new camera went from defending themselves to have just committed armed robbery.

    Remember--the first one to call the cops--wins!

    On the other hand--this looks/feels like a setup...guy sends his gf towards the BG to get the camera? Could have turned uglier, quick, with the GF as a hostage.

    Mike in VA

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    HA HA! THAT WAS GREAT! I believe he had the right to shoot the man with the bat that approached him on the dead end. Could be different opinions but he was close enough to do major harm with the bat.
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    I think this vid is a fake/staged.... feels like it.
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    It does have a slightly staged feel to it...
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    Seems a set up to me - and yet aspects also seem potentially genuine.

    Note to others - this has plenty of (predictable) profanity.

    I'll reserve judgement.
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    Staged or Stupid...

    taking the tape to the police would show...as already mentioned...an armed robbery. Additionally, stopping several times for an enchange of words appears to "beg for a fight" not trying to get away from one. Here in Florida, even with the Castle Doctrine, (IMHO) one would probably be in big trouble!
    Actually, this appears to be staged...


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    Yes, staged. GG acted like a real idiot with a gun. Makes CCW look bad IMHO.

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    It's gotta be staged. Unless World's Wildest Police Videos is. Because on that show a drunken stoned youth with a shrieking girlfriend in attendance in an aged Camaro with four flat tires can stay ahead of a professionally trained police officer in a well-cared-for well-engineered pursuit vehicle for, like, hours. So I would think that somebody in reasonable fear of harm from a pick-up truck full of yahoos would put his foot in the BMW and be unwinding at an upscale restaurant some place (Chez Frank where they serve excellent Grasshoppers) while said yahoos were still trying to figure a way out of the ditch on the outside of the first turn they came to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    I think this vid is a fake/staged.... feels like it.
    I agree.

    The Girl looked annoyed not scared and seemed to know what to do before he told her what he wanted her to do. Also, everyone was WAY too calm.

    If it was real, it is what "NOT TO DO" regardless of if you were in the car or truck.

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    Dunno, Feels fake. Hokey. Lots of useless profanity. But it did get my adrenaline going when he drew down! ALL INVOLVED ARE IDIOTS! If this was real- armed man should have de-escalated this fight and got the hell out of there. He indeed went from potential harassment victim, to armed robber!
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