Some people shouldn't be parents

Some people shouldn't be parents

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Thread: Some people shouldn't be parents

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    Some people shouldn't be parents

    This makes me so mad. Just got to work tonight at the hospital and heard about this during pass on.

    Some guy was driving drunk and hit a tree. He was brought to the hospital and was causing problems up in CT. We get patients like that often.

    The found out the guy had his two kids with him during the crash. Told them to walk home. They ended up coming to the hospital as well. One with a broken pelvis and the other one was flown to the University with head injuries. That guy needs to be put away for a very long time. Horrible.

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    Hate to say it, but the kids would probably be better off if he'd stayed with the tree!
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    Would have been a shame if he were given an accidental overdose of lead.
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    I'm not a big fan of DFACS but in this case I would make an exception.

    Pot-head hippie that used to live behind us once made the very deep comment "Remember Jim it takes no intelligence to breed". I submit this looser as proof of the statement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babarock View Post
    I submit this looser as proof of the statement.
    In light of your intelligence comment I can't help but take a poke at you. The word is loser. I never get caught up in the grammar police stuff but in this case your post made me laugh. I hope my post makes you laugh because it is not intended to be mean.
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    Mirror what others have said against this "individual" I once said in a group of people as we discussed similar stuff that I think some folks need a "license" to breed. You know, we need a licence to drive, to conceal a hangun, operate a business and etc. It was intended as a joke, but some gal who is very, very Liberal and would champion the right of people to reproduce unfettered actually agreed with me.

    After the intital shock of her agreeing, I said, "It's a joke." She replied, "No I think that has a lot of truth to it."

    I know it treads upon moral and freedom issues, so I leave it as a joke.
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