Enough is Enough! What Can We Do?

This is a discussion on Enough is Enough! What Can We Do? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I have been a member of this site for a while. Not as long as some of the members that I hold in high esteem ...

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Thread: Enough is Enough! What Can We Do?

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    Enough is Enough! What Can We Do?

    I have been a member of this site for a while. Not as long as some of the members that I hold in high esteem even though I have never met any of them (that I know of.)

    So here it goes.

    For the most part I believe that there is a shared belief in that our country is/has gone in a direction that is nothing like the one that we grew up in.

    My question to you as we head in to the Christmas Holiday, what 10 things can we do as a group of "like minded individuals" to positively impact society in hopes of enacting real change in regard to the direction our country/society is heading.

    Your answers/particpation are appreciated.

    Thank you, God Bless.

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    Oh boy!!!

    This sounds like a thread "I" would start?

    Let me start writting a list and I will post it in the morning......I got "lots" of idea's.

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    Vote. Unless you start there, nothing else much matters.
    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"

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    Well, you asked...

    Store food and water...months worth. When shopping buy extra canned goods each trip. Buy freeze-dried food to store if you can afford it. Start a garden...winter garden if your climate allows it.
    Have firearms and plenty of ammo...get your CCW permit if you don't have one.
    Buy some precious metals...silver is now at a great price. Even a few hundred dollars worth of silver coins could be helpful. One silver 'Walker' (half-dollar) may buy you several gallons of gas.
    Have some money ($500-1,000) in small bills ($1's and $5's)...have something around for buying basics available without a credit card/check that involves banking.
    Have some Canadian money on hand...just incase the dollar falls through the basement...it's coming!

    There are many lists of what to have in a collapse of the financial system, and if nothing happens, the items above will not cause any harm.

    Now read what happened in Argentina in 2001...http://www.rapidtrends.com/surving-a...apse-part-1-3/

    Is everyone going to die, is everyone doomed? Not really, but thinking ahead will make life a bit easier. Don't forget to vote!

    I think I've discussed 10 things above...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divebum47 View Post
    Vote. Unless you start there, nothing else much matters.
    I do, but my guys keep losing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I do, but my guys keep losing.
    Vote for the right guy (or gal) and maybe they wont lose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I do, but my guys keep losing.
    This is the real problem. There are just too many brainless liberals. We have bred, entitled and educated too many and the rest sneaked over the borders.
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    Start saying Merry CHRISTmas, and recognize it for what it is, stop watering it down.

    ACT like the majority

    Buy all gifts that are made ANYWhere but China.

    Get outspoken about your beliefs

    Fly the American flag 365 a year.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    I am constantly calling/emailing my congressman and senators. They must be sick of me. Not sure if they are paying attention or what difference it is making, but at least they are hearing from me. If I see a business I support engaging in politically correct nonsense I stop supporting them and I make sure to contact them and let them know how I feel. I often donate to certain political causes that fight for our freedoms, not just the NRA. I do my best to keep my family up-to-date with what is going on in this country. I try to pass articles to my friends and family in hopes that they will pass them around as well. I try my best to make sure that my family (not just immediate) is prepared for the worse by stocking up with right items. Like Glockman said, I fly the flag 365 days a year. Another neighbor followed suit. Oh, and I've been praying for this country every day.
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    Buy more dog whistles.
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    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    If I could see one thing we can do to positively impact our society, it would be a change in the mental attitude that this is NOT just 'your' country and realize it is 'our' country.

    We can never move forward as a country if the prevailing attitude is one of being self centered around only your beliefs and opinions. Many people need to come to grips with the fact that there're people who ARE different and they also have equal rights to enjoy the freedom this country affords all of us.
    Those of different faiths, colors, creeds, sexual orientation, etc. are ALL members that make this 'our' country, and we need to work together in an open minded way in order to move forward.
    "Confidence is food for the wise man but liquor for the fool"

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    Great comments so far. I would only add reach out to those you know and those you don't and be kind, do something nice and unexpected. Care about your neighbor. Random acts of kindness have a way of changing others day and their outlook. It all starts there.

    We are so divided as a nation and in our communities. Coming together is the start to restore our great nation. It will happen one person at a time.

    Merry Christmas!!!
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    It's not a problem til they make it one!

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    Well, this thread won't last long and the OP will probably get a nice little PM from the moderators.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shockwave View Post
    Buy more dog whistles.
    I like it because of its incongruity... However, the next time I see a dog whistle in a store for sale, I will buy, it just in case. And, I will smile!

    As to what I'd do:

    1. I will vote out every incumbent. Even if he/she is 100% aligned with my beliefs and acts accordingly in his/her role in government. I will do this until my elected representative "get it" i.e. they work for me, for their constituency. (unless everyone does this for several cycles, it won't matter much. But I'm going to do it anyway and encourage others to do so.)
    2. I have, and will continue to talk to people about how things are changing, how we are losing our individual rights, our sovereignty, our net worth.
    3. I will continue to save in a store of value whether it be physical (silver/gold) or knowledge (which can never be lost, stolen, or usurped).
    4. I will use my resources more wisely...
    5. I will continue to enjoy life... I only have today; right now, in fact... everything beyond now is a gift.
    6. I will continue to protect myself, my loved ones; and I will suggest to others that they do so.
    7. I will prepare for the less than ideal, while hoping for the best.
    8. I will try to give someone a hand up.
    9. I will try to find more like minded people IRL to ask the OP's question.
    10. I will find and buy that dog whistle!
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    None of us are going to change the world. But, we can effect change and make an impact locally.

    I live in a small, fairly self-sufficient and compact close-knit community.
    We have our own Mayor, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Borough Council, rubbish collection etc. & I started out when we first moved here getting to know my neighbors, pharmacist, M.D., the local LEO & shopkeepers.
    While it is now possible for me & Mrs. QK to live for quite a while in a total vacuum - (if and when the poop hits the fan) life will be lots easier not living in a vacuum.

    If things start going really hay-wire...the sheeple will be quite frightened. I can't do much to change their mind-set BUT, I want to be the guy that the hardware store and the grocery store guy and the deli man and the gas station guy will open their doors up for.

    That does not mean that I run around kissing ass but, everyone locally knows that I am a decent guy and not a threat.

    I am also constantly adding and stocking up on items that will make life easier when life (in general) gets harder. I am prepared to bug out but, would rather bug in if possible. My home is much larger than my Bug Out Bag.

    I agree with the posts above.

    NOTE: The moderators will not close this thread as long as members are mindful of what not to post.
    Some things, thoughts and ideas are best kept in the mind and are not to be released for public consumption on an Internet forum.

    So don't expect thread closure but, DO expect post edits and deletes iffen you don't THINK before you type.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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