Now that most/all of you in Wisconsin have you CC permit It’s time to expand your options.

I’m looking into a class to be taught by Bill & Debra Schmitz. This class will include everything you need for Utah, Minnesota, Florida, and of course Wisconsin

It included the passport photo needed as well as the fingerprint card for Utah. The only additional item you will need is a Florida fingerprint card which you will have to request individually from Florida.

This class will include range time so you will need to bring your carry gun and a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition.

Cost of the class will be $125 this includes everything including lunch. If we can get 8 or more students the price each will be even less.

We need to sign up as a group to get this discount so best we work out the details on that together.

The Utah Lic.. Is also good for carry in Minnesota so if you go that route your good there. Utah is also good in Nevada which is nice. Florida is also good to have as it covers added states that Utah does not.

Added costs:
Utah permit application fee is $60. If over 65 years of age it’s good for life
Florida permit Lic. Fee is $50 and it will probably cost you around $40 for fingerprinting on their card at your local sheriff’s office.

When: Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 or as an alternative Sunday, Mar 18, 2012
Wisconsin training system for concealed carry, accepted in FL & MN for CC permits. The training, CCW Class, developed by AACFI was accepted in WI

Many of you have you CC permit with no real training. I highly recommend you get this training even if you do not plan to travel. IMHO of course.

Let me know ASAP if you’re truly interested and we will go forward from there. There is nothing in this profit wise for me other than piggybacking in the same discount each of you will get. I'm not associated with any training group. I chose this couple because they travel around the state to different locations and as a husband/wife team might be a better fit comfort wise for some of you ladies out there.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the maximum class size is 20