DNA spray, who needs a gun?

DNA spray, who needs a gun?

This is a discussion on DNA spray, who needs a gun? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; DNA McSpray to foil thieves - McDonalds to use new anti-theft spray | News.com.au McDONALD'S restaurants are fighting back against thieves by blasting suspected robbers ...

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Thread: DNA spray, who needs a gun?

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    DNA spray, who needs a gun?

    DNA McSpray to foil thieves - McDonalds to use new anti-theft spray | News.com.au

    McDONALD'S restaurants are fighting back against thieves by blasting suspected robbers with an invisible DNA spray as they attempt to flee.
    The spray, which remains on the suspect's skin for two weeks and on clothes for up to six months, has been introduced in some of the chain's busiest NSW stores, including those at Parramatta, Granville, Auburn, Lidcome, Kingsford and Wollongong, reported The Daily Telegraph.
    If the SelectaDNA "forensic marking" spray proves successful in apprehending bandits, McDonald's will introduce the system across all its 780 Australian outlets.
    Developed in the United Kingdom by a police officer and a chemist, the spray has been used by McDonald's outlets in Britain and Europe.
    Each outlet keeps the details of its distribution a close secret, but one McDonald's restaurant in The Netherlands installed above the main door an orange device which was electronically linked to a panic alarm system. Staff could activate the device in an emergency.
    "Once there has been a security breach, the hi-tech spray unit will douse fleeing robbers with an invisible, synthetic DNA solution," McDonald's Australia's chief restaurant support officer, Jackie McArthur, said.
    "The solution is invisible to the naked eye and unique to each location. It stays on clothing for up to six months and on skin for up to two weeks."
    Using a UVA light, police can see the markings left by the system and link the offender back to the scene.
    The spray contains a synthetic DNA strand composed of 60 variable chromosomes, said SelectaDNA director David Morrissey.
    "SelectaDNA is non-toxic, non-allergenic and perfectly safe to deploy. It meets all Australian standards," he said.
    Theft is a serious problem for fast-food outlets such as McDonald's, which has high cash turnover, multiple entry and exit points and more than 85,000 staff who often work through the night at truck-stops and other remote places.
    In a single week in September, two hold-ups occurred at a McDonald's outlet at Merrylands in Sydney's west.
    "Crime can occur anywhere at any time, which is why our extensive safety and security protocols are in place at every restaurant throughout the entire day," Ms McArthur said.
    "These locations are some of our busiest, so it makes sense to try out the new technology here.
    "McDonald's already has a range of security measures, including CCTV, strict security protocols, intensive training, and consultative working relationships with local police."
    This is the first time the system will be used in Australia, and although its marketers claim an "85 per cent crime reduction" rate, the proof of its worth is not yet clear.
    SelectaDNA trades on a "DNA fear factor," claiming the system is more about prevention than arrests.
    Scores of law-enforcement agencies in the UK, including Surrey Police, have handed out the spray kits so residents can mark their property, and it has been widely used by schools and businesses.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/dna-...#ixzz1j1BgY3N9

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    My handgun can spray a lot of Colt Signature "bad guy" DNA all over the place.

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    Ok, but if they shoot you during the robbery, they might get caught. I'd rather be able to defend myself, and they wouldn't need their spray.
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    All they are going to find are dirtbags with spray from many stores...big deal.
    Spray 'em with lead and you don't have to match them up with anything.
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    Synthetic DNA spray? That just sounds disgusting...

    How do you think the average perpetrator will respond to being showered with any spray?
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    STOP or I'll you shoot you with my DNA!

    awwww man thats gross, dont shoot....I give up!
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    So all it would prove is that a BG was there. It doesn't do anything a camera wouldn't do. What about others standing nearby who get marked with DNA spray and then break out in hives?
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    I'd prefer to fight fire with fire not some invisible spray...coulda saved alot of money and just bought a nice shotgun spray em with buckshot and you'll see it with the naked eye...synthetic DNA really
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    What are the cops going to do, drive around with a little light and arrest the people that glow? Otherwise they still have to catch the perp to prove he was there.
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    I swear to god if somebody tries to spray me with DNA ima gonna shoot him in his dispenser
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    took a lesson from a ........SKUNK
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    The problem with any restaurant, not just McDonald's is how many invisible DNA samples are on your food when you get it?

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    Injest and bam!.... yer next kid has a tail.

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    Why spray and pray with DNA?

    Throwing McDonald's food at the crook is punishment enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    STOP or I'll you shoot you with my DNA!

    awwww man thats gross, dont shoot....I give up!
    Sounds like something pee wee herman would do...
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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