Shotgun Prank Goes Bad

Shotgun Prank Goes Bad

This is a discussion on Shotgun Prank Goes Bad within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Under other circumstances, this might be considered comical - but the Clark County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department recent loss of a deputy negates any humor in ...

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Thread: Shotgun Prank Goes Bad

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    Shotgun Prank Goes Bad

    Under other circumstances, this might be considered comical - but the Clark County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department recent loss of a deputy negates any humor in this case:

    An Ohio prankster placed a mannequin holding fake shotgun on her cousin's porch, and police standoff ensued.

    Rebecca Keeton reported there was a person sitting on the front porch of her home armed with a gun.

    "I'm scared to death," Keeton told the dispatcher.

    Within minutes deputies had Rebecca's home surrounded and were attempting to negotiate with the armed man.

    When he didn't respond, they drew their weapons and went in through the back of the home and confronted the suspect.

    That is when they discovered it was a dummy armed with a toy gun that had been placed on Keeton's front porch by her cousin, Tammy Moore.
    And now:

    Moore is charged with inducing panic and is expected to make her first court appearance on Wednesday.
    That might tame her sense of humor.

    Story Here

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    Play stupid games..................
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    I don't see how that would be funny in any situation. I'd know have a mannequin with holes in it and a toy gun

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    I don't see anything funny about it,somebody needs to pay some money for wasting LEO time and resources responding to this BS when they might of been needed somewhere else
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    No one has a sense of humor any more. You mean they could NOT tell that was a dummy ??? Come on....

    Besides that, if I should fall asleep while sitting on my front porch with my shotgun in my lap... it's NOT illegal at all. So leave me to my nap.

    My brother did learn a lesson though when we young. He & 2 friends made up a dummy..... pulled into an intersection, threw it out the door and shot it several times with a starter gun, then squealed tires and took off. Problem was, there was an officer stopped at the light... and there were soon police officers swarming the area after them.

    No charges, weren't needed..... they brought him home to my father. He paid dearly for that one for a long time, way more than charges and the criminal system could have ever done to him.

    Seems a shame that the "system" thinks filing charges... somehow is the only way to deal with things and actually does any good in such cases.
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    I have to admit it. That sounds like something I would do. Only, I would have thought my victim would have only freaked out for about 5 or 10 seconds before realizing that it wasn't moving and that it was a mannequin.

    I guess the closest thing I've ever done would be putting "Caution" tape (bought at local home-depot) around somebody's house and trees to make it look like a crime scene.
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