Due diligence to prevent a crime

Due diligence to prevent a crime

This is a discussion on Due diligence to prevent a crime within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The other day I was discussing a recent car theft in my area with the officer who arrested the thief. I asked him why the ...

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Thread: Due diligence to prevent a crime

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    Due diligence to prevent a crime

    The other day I was discussing a recent car theft in my area with the officer who arrested the thief. I asked him why the person who stole the car was not charged with car theft bet was instead charged with some lesser offense such as joy riding or something to that effect.
    His response was that the vehicle was unlocked and on a public street. The owner had not preformed "Due diligence" in preventing his property from being stolen. Now to me stealing is stealing. If it does not belong to you it is stealing. I do not care if it was left running with the windows down its still stealing.

    I did have one question he had no answer for. I pointed out the the person he arrested for "borrowing" the car was on probation for a prior theft. Then I asked where the "Due diligence" on the part of the government was.

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    That's a load of cow dung! I guess your state laws are criminal friendly? Ever watch a program called "Bait Car"? They even leave a car door open with the keys in the ignition. The BG is arrested for grand theft after they shut the car down. I personally always keep the doors locked to at least make them work a little more for it.

    If I were "King of America" car theft would be a capitol offense punishable by hanging. I would consider "plea bargaining" to a lesser punishment of surgical hand(s) removal for first offenses though. That would also have a secondary benefit of making it more difficult to shoot crap in their veins so they don't need a car to purchase more crap for their veins!

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    Maybe the theif was related to the cop and he didn't want to take him downtown.
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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    Different states have different laws.
    In Maryland if I steal your car and you have no idea who I am then I stole your car. If you know I did it, it is "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle".
    If you are Hertz and I don't give you your car back that is failure to return rental property.
    If you leave it running while you run in to 7-11 for your coffee and paper you can be charged with unattended motor vehicle.
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