Death by taser?

Death by taser?

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Thread: Death by taser?

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    Death by taser?

    Colton Taser Death: Man Dies After Being Tasered During Struggle with Police -

    Man died after being tazed by police. We all know that correlation is not causation but I am very interested to see what the determination is in final cause of death.

    As I read on here once "play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Think it was gottabkiddin. Can't take credit for a great line!

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    I'm sorry for his friends and family. Also for the officer(s) whose head(s) this might possibly fall on. But, at the very least, you deserve to be tased for being combative.

    Don't mean to be mean, but that is a great quote in this scenario- 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes'.
    "Gun control should mean hitting your target every time."

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    Its less lethal....People do die from being hit by a taser...If your going to be an a$$ to the police, they will return the favor.....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    It's a very vague article, but this sounds like Excited Delirium. We have had a few instances of it in my dept as well. I saw a guy in a state of Excited Delirium rip a shopping cart return out of the ground at Wal Mart with just his hands (ya know, those metal poles that stuck in the ground where people return the carts). ED starts out as a very combative, crazy display of power and rage. The show of strength is super-human. Usually you will see them taking all their clothes off as well, as their bodies overheat really quickly. After a little while in the "freak out" stage, the person will become calm again. This calm after the storm is only a few minutes before death.

    The police have to take down a person in this state usually in a very quick and violent fashion. The person's strength is amazing, and the risk for injury is huge. Excited Delirium is a medical emergency first...the person needs to be restrained enough to get to medical treatment. This usually requires 5 or more officers, and often times multiple tasings to get the person under control enough for medical aid. The last episode of ED we had in our department was wild. A person was running around naked in the streets, screaming and breaking windows (they get freaked out by reflections, so they break windows alot). The person ran up the hood of a patrol car, jumping up and down on the roof, and tore the light bar off of the car. A few minutes later they appear very relaxed, which only means they are about to die.

    It's usually caused by bad hits of narcotics, or drug/alcohol mixes....theres lots of variables. I would bet this is what happened here. Quite a few of those "death by taser" stories you hear are actually cases of Excited Delirium, in which the person would be dead in a few minutes anyway. Not saying the Taser cant kill, but its one in a million. There are almost always other unavoidable factors at play.

    Lots of info on the net about it if you google Excited Delirium. It's only in recent years that doctors have started to diagnose and recognize it.
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    I thought there was something else for ED...
    Is this what they mean when they say if the symptoms persist more than 4 hours, consult a physician?

    Sorry couldn't resist.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJon10125 View Post

    As I read on here once "play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Think it was gottabkiddin. Can't take credit for a great line!
    That right there is a solid Sixto quote.

    I'm moving this thread thought to off topic, as it has no self defense relation to the story.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    "Tasers may indeed be safe when used on “healthy, normal, nonstressed, nonintoxicated persons,” but it’s unlikely someone who meets all of those criteria would be a legitimate Taser target in the first place. It would only be a slight exaggeration to say the study’s real conclusion is that Tasers are only safe when they’re used on people who shouldn’t be Tasered."

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    Well, I love the idea of police using tasers. Just think of the Rodney King incident.. don't even get me started on that. suffice it to say my opinion is if you don't want to get beaten by police, then don't resist arrest or fight with the police. Anyway, had Mr. King been tasered to get him under control instead of beaten, I doubt we'd have ever heard anything about it. It would have just been another thug going to jail. All in a days work.
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    There are many dangerous things in the world

    I see a couple contributing factors to what will be an on-going problem.

    One is tasers are a more-or-less safe and non-damaging alternative to: chemical agents, a beating from various sorts of batons, a beating from various body parts (notably fists and feet), choke holds, body slams on pavement or being shot. And being shot again.

    Seriously, there are a limited number of means of 'controlling' a suspect or subject. I'll go ahead and beat the dead horse; it's obvious the subject did not respond positively to verbal commands or even conversation. For many people - lawmen (to include lawwomen) and private citizens - the need to 'control' another person, the need to defend against an attacker, the need to prevent an attack - is a legal and legitimate need. Tasers are one tool to do this.

    Tasers are easier to learn than any of the classic weaponless defense systems. Tasers don't leave chemicals in the air to share with everyone else, unlike the old Chemical Mace or even Pepper spray to a lesser degree. (I've used the old style 'Mace'. Talk about the memory lingering on...)

    The Second Factor is people who are already 'fragile' will continue to act aggressively. In many law enforcement or just criminal acts, the aggressor (criminal, attacker, predator, burglar, whatever) is a drug user and thereby has a damaged system, either cardio or pulmonary or nervous system. kb2wji gives an excellent description of what happens at times. I was going to guess the subject was a PCP user, it sounds very similar. But the fact is, many drug abusers and alcohol abusers are not in good shape in the first place.

    The other category are those people who are suffering from various medical conditions. I once saw a man get worked up over having some form of raw fruit being seized at the port of entry. (Raw fruit has the potential for agricultural pests or diseases.) He actually crawled up over the counter and attacked the officer in question. Then he - the subject - grabs his chest and claims to have a bad heart. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet the same thing has happened during a 'routine traffic stop' for speed or other traffic infraction. Sorry, bunkie, but if one has a bad ticker, one should not institute a physical fight; maybe not even a verbal one. Nor may one reasonably cry foul when one's own heart gives out in the middle of an improper and illegal attack.

    So ANY means of self-defense, restraint or control will probably just damage them more.

    What's the answer? Pretty far-fetched, actually.

    Get people to understand they are doing things to themselves. Convince dopers to quit and people with bad hearts to remain calm. Simple, but not likely.

    And let's face it, the ACLU and ambulance chasing attorneys will forever be blaming EVERYONE except the violator for the resulting damage. As if there's a Constitution or God given right to act a fool, endanger others or ignore the statutory laws of the republic.
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