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What I saw, and it got me thinking-

This is a discussion on What I saw, and it got me thinking- within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by SIXTO IMO, jeans and t shirt are timeless. Hard to go wrong there... unless the T shirt is from the Winger tour. ...

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Thread: What I saw, and it got me thinking-

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    IMO, jeans and t shirt are timeless. Hard to go wrong there... unless the T shirt is from the Winger tour.
    How about The Who American Tour 1982? Or local crew shirts from the Who's Kids are Alright tour and Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason tour?
    What I saw, and it got me thinking--img_2658.jpgWhat I saw, and it got me thinking--img_2659.jpgWhat I saw, and it got me thinking--img_2660.jpgWhat I saw, and it got me thinking--img_2661.jpg

    If I can't fit back into them is it ok for my kid to wear them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    IMO, jeans and t shirt are timeless. Hard to go wrong there... unless the T shirt is from the Winger tour.
    This cracked me up! White Tiger anyone? haha............

    The point is, we are out of style. I like to think I am still cool, but I am not. The gauge I use is you know your out of the loop when current fashion and music sucks.
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    Thanks for the LOL SIXTO! I was in junior high during that era, but I do remember it well! The "Miami Vice" look was a favorite of mine. Can't say I've seen any thing like that recently.

    I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl now, but am trying to move away from the thirty something dressing like a twenty something look. Not too flattering in my old age. *sigh* I have definitely left the eighties behind--except in my iPod. :)

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    Geeeze, I'm really showing my age when dressing "cool" during my teens was a "Boogie" hairstyle (short/standing flat-top on top, long sides slicked back to a ducktail meet in the rear), "highwater" bluejeans, white socks, black penny loafers, white long-tail dress shirt (with the tail out) or white t-shirt under a black leather motorcycle jacket - also road a Triumph "Bonny" to high school after I turned 16.

    Still have all the hair (but not the "Boogie" style), still wear bluejeans all the time when not at work, and still add the t-shirt and black leather jacket when riding the vingage old Virago or newer Sportster - don't think that will ever change

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    I am still laughing. What great stories. Thank you.

    Up here in the mountains we get a lot of time warp characters, I just need to remember a few. A lot of long hair, some well kept, some not. What I do notice are the old guys with their pants cinched up to their armpits. In Cripple Creek there are usually some fashion mavens out smoking after they've turned their oxygen bottles off. I must begin noticing fashions so I can report back. They are usually so forgettable.

    I shall hone my powers of observation and report.
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    The Nike swoosh shaved into the back of my head and the lighting bolts in my eyebrows will always be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadguy View Post
    Saggy pants were in style in 1990. It came back.

    I had a mullet in 1991. Pics to prove it. Sexxxaaayyyyyyyy. No longer have it.

    I kept some of my 80's Levis. Can't wear them but had to hold on to them.

    I no longer roll up the sleeves on my t-shirts ala Beverly Hills 90210

    My shorts come down to my knees now...thank goodness. The Magnum P.I. look of old won't fly these days.
    Brando was on 90210?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    The Nike swoosh shaved into the back of my head and the lighting bolts in my eyebrows will always be cool.
    You musta been pretty fly for a white guy.
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    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Never had a mullet or DA haircut back in the eighties, was active duty military and they were frowned on, still were jeans t-shirts and boots though. Still have all my hair but it is gray now and only cut it when the wind causes it to flog me. Hate it when they give me the senior discount without asking. My biggest retro joy is my 72 240Z and 60s and 70s music.
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    I used to see more high-hitched pants with suspenders, ties, fedoras, etc. Watch old B&W movies and see they really did dress like that back in the day. Those men are mostly gone, now, as are the women with scarves covering their curlers so their hair would look nice in the evening. I grew up in Wyoming - Cowboy Central - and the cowboys still dress as cowboys. No change there: Timeless and practical.
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    Hmmmmm .........

    1975 - Jeans, sneakers, T shirt & ball cap

    2012 - Jeans, sneakers, T shirt & ball cap
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Yesterday, I was in a local favorite eating establishment having lunch. I noticed a guy straight out of 1986 and his lady friend. This guy had one of the best mullets I've ever seen. It took the whole "Business in front, party in rear" to a new level. It reached his lower back, and even his top of his head was all puffed up like a fancy rooster. To complete his look, he had on parachute pants (yup, not kidding), Reebok high tops and a Michael Jackson style leather jacket. Use Google if you are to young or to old to know what I'm talking about. He even sported a child molester style mustache. This guy look to be pushing 50. 50 years old!.... His lady friend wasn't much better. She probably was quite a catch in '86, even her Aquanet was still in good shape. I could have flipped over, held her by her feet and raked my lawn.
    Sounds like "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and his wife, to me.
    "If you make something idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

    - Anon

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    I am 51.
    I have been wearing blue jeans, Tee shirts in the summer,long sleeve button down shirts in the fall & winter, and either tennis shoes, or cowboy boots, since I was 14.
    I have just now, in the last couple years, gotten used to wearing shorts in the summer.
    No fashion statement from me.
    Just like Jimmy Buffet sang, "I got my Hush Puppies on, I guess I never was meant for glitter n' rockn'roll"
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    Just imagine the sagging tattoos in nursing homes in about 40-50 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishmael View Post
    Just imagine the sagging tattoos in nursing homes in about 40-50 years.
    And I'll be proud to point out where once upon a time I had "USMC" and other militaria emblazoned on my arms and torso. I don't really worry about that.

    SIXTO, where are the pictures man? How could you see such a magnificent thing and not covertly take pictures? Epic Fail.

    But, with any luck, he is still in the area, and I can run into him one day.

    I am generally in the T-shirt and jeans with work boots camp.

    How did you not mention socks with sandals in your post either?
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