CC's Therapeutic side

CC's Therapeutic side

This is a discussion on CC's Therapeutic side within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I wanted to write and share yet another reason for thanking everyone involved with creating, and keeping up with CC. No matter what is going ...

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Thread: CC's Therapeutic side

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    CC's Therapeutic side

    I wanted to write and share yet another reason for thanking everyone involved with creating, and keeping up with CC. No matter what is going on in life, It’s always nice to stop in and see everyone and escape all the woes of the humdrum day to day grind.

    So yet one more time, Thanks to Bumper and all the CC crew for a great site.

    A visit here, is almost as nice as going to the range.
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    Mike - good to hear that and I think it's very likely many folks share your view.

    There is a community here and as such hopefully relaxing company. A definite small means of escape from daily drudgery.
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    +2 well said.

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    I agree, it's like I have friends on here yet I really dont know a soul on here in person.
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    well said
    I love this site because people know what they are talking about and they help me a bunch. great place great place great place

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    Definately my favorite place around, in fact it's my homepage. Everyone here is polite, knowledgable and respects others' input and opinions. It reminds me of sitting around a campfire.

    Thanks for being here guys.
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    My Grandpappy told me to keep my ears open and my mouth shut, so I read a lot here, but don't post that much.

    Most of my 'puter time is spent between here and, a great bunch of folks in both places.

    Thanks to all!
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