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Child killer lasts one week in prison.

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Thread: Child killer lasts one week in prison.

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    Justice served..
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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    Ryan Brunn is dead

    Glad my tax dollars wont be used to house and feed that worthless piece of trash.....

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    A week huh? What took em so long?
    May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead

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    Many years ago I worked with a guy who had spent some time in prison in PA. (He'd gotten into a bar fight and hurt a guy pretty badly. Spent a bit of time in the joint for it). He said that child molesters and child murderers don't last very long in prison unless they are totally isolated from the general population and kept in solitary. That is the one crime that other prisoners will not tolerate and they will see that "justice" is done. Sounded like a good "policy" to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pappou68 View Post
    Extra privileges for the inmates and a big THANK YOU for justice rendered.
    The world is a BETTER PLACE without him. Send my thanks to the prisoners.

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    We can start a pool on whether Sandowski offs himself before the trial starts, or before he goes to prison.

    That's where he's headed, and that's how he'll end up.

    He should save the people of Pennsylvania the trouble, but that POS will drag it out for everybody.

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    So, the folks who "bet he won't last a week in prison" were correct.

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    ATLANTA (AP) — A 20-year-old maintenance worker who this week pleaded guilty to molesting and killing a 7-year-old girl was found dead of an apparent suicide in his prison cell Thursday, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

    The Lord's work is never done.

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    Death picked a person that deserved it, GOOD !!
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    Now, now, we have to be politically correct......he is not dead,

    He is "life force challenged"

    Yes, I feel so much better about it too. One less child molester. Here's hoping for the same fate to others like him.
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    Dirtbag update...he was found with 27 stab wounds in his back...worse case of suicide in the prison's history.
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    Autopsy reveals how Jorelys Rivera's murderer killed himself
    Autopsy reveals how Jorelys Rivera's murderer killed himself - CBS 5 - KPHO

    Article & video report ; covers what he did to the girl / how she was killed, and his suicide by using a sweatshirt.
    News Video ... expresses how many people are upset that he didn't suffer more, took the cowards way out, and how he stated in court nothing would happen to him.

    The attention shouldn't be on his dead ass, why waste time on his sorry soul, but remember the girl who actually suffered and died as a result. Too bad he didn't commit suicide alot sooner and left the girl completely out of his sorry life.

    LINK : Confusion stymied Jorelys Rivera investigation *|
    Jorelys' body was found three days after her disappearance in a trash compactor at the complex. Authorities say she was raped, beaten and stabbed to death within two hours of being abducted by Ryan Brunn, a 20-year-old maintenance worker who lived at the complex. Brunn is being held without bond on murder charges at the Cherokee County jail.
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    On last night's local news, they interviewed several family members and neighbors, and they all answered as Eagleks stated above. They all regretted that the scumbag was no longer around to suffer.

    I was on a death penalty jury, and can remember many people pointing out to me that the death penalty conviction penalty was more costly to the state than a sentence of life without parole would have been.

    While that might have been true, we felt we could not look ourselves in the mirror if we did not render the opinion we did.

    I truly cannot say it did not bother me to sign the verdict (yeah, foreman), I know in my heart we all came to the proper conclusion.
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    - Anon

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    That's good news. I hope he suffered before checked out.
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    I for one won't lose any sleep over this.
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