Would you send your dogs into harms way?

Would you send your dogs into harms way?

This is a discussion on Would you send your dogs into harms way? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Something in another thread got me to thinking about this. Should police use deadly force instead of sending their dog into harms way? Do you ...

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Thread: Would you send your dogs into harms way?

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    Would you send your dogs into harms way?

    Something in another thread got me to thinking about this. Should police use deadly force instead of sending their dog into harms way? Do you hold your animal back in order to protect it or do you let it search out the possibly armed intruder in your house?
    Has the reason for training animals to take the place of humans in high risk situations been forgotten? Have we decided that instead of a tool our animals are on the same level as humans?

    There have even been attempts to make the killing of a police dog the same as killing a human. Have we forgotten the role of service animals? That they were originally bred to do things to dangerous for there masters to preform?


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    If im in a position where I believe my dog will aid in the saving of my family or atleast to help get a head start on getting them to safety, I would not hold them back. I love my dogs they are my beloved pets and treat them with respect,But my family is first on my list and I put them above anything else.

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    Not only would I send them into harms way in my stead but I would even eat them if I and/or my family were starving. I love my pets and treat them well but they are animals and not equal to me or my life or the lives of my family members.

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    i love my pets but on a level not the same as a 2-legged which shares my blood or soul

    the K-9 police mindset is a court against the BG posture. no more accurate than much of the other ideals
    twisted and sold to us as viable reasons to sentance (concurrently, no less) bigger meaningless numbers of years.

    besides, most dogs are intuitive about danger and protecting the pack.
    they willing make a choice.
    often those steeped in liberal thought will phrase a question in a manor befret of reality.
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    Dogs should be used only in non-lethal force applications.
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    If I thought that sending my dog "in" would keep me alive or give me an advantage... I'd do it in a heartbeat.
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    I keep my bedroom door open at night so that anyone breaking in is going to meet my 100+ lbs Doberman first.

    She will give me some more time to react.

    And I'll do my best not to hit her if I have to shoot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    Not only would I send them into harms way in my stead but I would even eat them if I and/or my family were starving.
    The Native Americans kept dogs around as a food source of last resort. You might be showing your roots!
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    Not only would I send them into harms way in my stead but I would even eat them if I and/or my family were starving. I love my pets and treat them well but they are animals and not equal to me or my life or the lives of my family members.
    It's easier to just stock up on food (including dog food)...

    I do understand though, if the job of the canine becomes to protect and serve, so be it...just as my job/life may be called on the line to protect family if the need should arise.
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    I would not send my dog into a situation against an armed agressor. The dog will most likely be killed and the situation will not have changed, except I'll be really POed. If I am armed I will protect myself and those near me, including my dog. The BG should not have made the choice to attack.
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    Rammer jammer..............+1
    Our GS roams the house at nightl........he sleeps in our bedroom but gets up numerous times and patrols through the house. Our last GS woke me one night at 3:00AM by slamming into our front door, then barking. Got up to find my wifes car door lock was hit as someone was trying to steel it. The dog scared them off by slamming the front door.
    GS are just great protectors but when the SHTF.....he's the first on the scene with my backup.

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    Most dogs given the opportunity to protect their owners will make that decision for you, unless you lock them up, or hold them back.
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    My dog is a member of my family and is treated as such. In no way would I send him into harm's way where his life would be in jeopardy. Humans do not occupy a "special" place merely because we can think or speak. The true criteria for measuring the moral worth we attribute to other animals is sentience. The ability of something to feel pain and pleasure--no different than the pain and pleasure humans feel (notwithstanding John Stuart Mill's utilitarian conception of "higher pleasures")--is the proper basis for according it moral consideration.

    Obviously this opinion will not sit well with many people, as it does not comport with religious fairy tales masquerading as respectable ethical precepts. Nevertheless, I think it's important to recognize the correct moral criteria for judging ethical situations.

    It's also probably important to note what kind of dog you have. My dog is a 14 lb Schnauzer. He's just going to get hurt if confronting an aggressor. Somebody's 100 lb Doberman, however, will probably 1) not wait for you to hold him back (as others mentioned) and 2) give the bad guy a bad day.

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    Our dogs will be an early warning signal, and they may prevent an intrusion, but they aren't bulletproof. I will try to avoid house clearing, and I won't ask or let the dogs do it. I would keep them close in a safe room as I would any other member of the family. They've done their job, and now it's my turn. Besides I don't have room in my freezer for the mastiffs.
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    Since I'm not in K9 LE or military, I don't have to address the moral or philosophical aspects of "sending" my dog into harms way because he is a "volunteer". My dog is part of the family and feels the same responsibility and duty to willingly, voluntarily, and instantly put himself in harms way to protect his family just as I do without orders from anyone.

    So, if any potential intruder wasn't scared away by his barking before entering (which would also alert me to the danger), there wouldn't be any "sending" him in to do anything because he'd "voluntarily" be on them like chainsaw on a bag of manure the minute they entered - and I'd have a hell of a time trying to prevent him from doing his willing duty to protect his family as much as he'd have trouble preventing me from doing the same.

    It's extremely difficult to hit an attacking dog when it comes out of nowhere and instantly on someone inside the small confines of a house; and since his early warning would already have me alerted and armed with my dual pistol-grip pump shottie, any intruding BG is going to be in deep do-doo when trying to deal with our "teamwork" of teeth and 00-buckshot coming from different directions and different levels all at the same time.

    Nobody "sends" or tells anybody or anything to protect the family around my house since that's an automatic voluntary "team effort" to instantly open up a big can of whoopazz on any intruder.
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