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This is a discussion on Doomsday preppers National geo ! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It took that kid who wants to be a firefighter almost 3 min to get his turnout gear on. Wow, to get your FF1 cert, ...

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Thread: Doomsday preppers National geo !

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    It took that kid who wants to be a firefighter almost 3 min to get his turnout gear on. Wow, to get your
    FF1 cert, you have to be able to do that in less than a minute.

    At times I thought the producers where kind of making fun of the people.
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    The Hippies were a trip "if bad guys show up and I cant use them I will poison them or cut there throats " How Ni eve they will find out the hard way . The folks from Texas in the shipping containers probably had the best setup there use of alternate power sources was pretty good , but like Sixto said that must be life consuming lucky they were retired, I guess what ever keeps you going. LOL I will catch the next episode :}
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    That show was a lesson on what NOT to do:

    Broadcast on national TV you have enough food to feed a small city then protect yourself with shipping containers that couldn't stop a 22LR.
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    We saw two episodes the other night. Not too bad. I thought it would come across as the folks being nuts, but I think they did a good job keeping it neutral and letting you decide.

    The young girl in Houston had those 'crazy eyes'...

    The second episode seemed to focus on morbidly obese preppers...
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    I think it was the Discovery Ch, who had a fictional-documentary about an average everyday “naive” neighborly family of four, which had nothing but each other and what they did, over the course of several weeks during a doomsday scenario to stay alive. First off it took them like ah couple of days to even figure out, just what was going on around them nonetheless too.

    This is kind-ah how it all started …

    Imaginary Time Stamp/Saturday, July 14, 2012 = Screen fades from black, into seeing a single family home in Anywhere’s Suburbia, USA

    Day One = Saturday Morning 8:45am:
    MOM: Wow honey the electricity went out … what the #@X% ?!!? you did pay the bill this month didn’t you Dear??

    DAD: Of course must just be a power failure … it’ll come back on in a few minuets!

    SON: Strange though, too, how no one is answering their cell phones or text messages??

    DAUGHTER: And my computer isn’t working either … even on battery power??? Hmmmm I don’t get it?

    Day Two = Sunday Afternoon 2:18pm:
    SON: Still no electricity and now the phones ... landline and cells aren’t working either? Waz up with that … Dad ?!!?

    So Dad gets an idea …

    DAD: ahhhh I’ll turn on the car radio and see what’s goin on? What … no signal?? No AM or FM radio programs??? Not even an emergency broadcast system’s notice????

    MOM: Sweet heart there isn’t any water coming out of any of the faucets in the house?????

    DAD: Duuuhh what the …

    About three or four days later, after their utilities all shut down, there wasn’t anything on the radio, their neighborhood appearing to be all but vacant, and once they started to realize just what was going on in the world. They were hoofin it out of Dodge!!!

    <At least by then the common roads and highways weren’t as jammed all up with panicked crowds anymore, except it was now littered with abandoned cars that ran out of fuel, or broke down under the stress, or were just plan trashed by the crazies!!>

    When they decided it was no longer safe to stay and it was best to leave their home: They only had a kind ah mini-van vehicle with a half a tank of gas, the cloth on their backs, a bag of food, some water and bottled drinks, no firearms, and each other when they left their suburbia home, who’s area was under attack by bands of rabid looters < whom were going house to house taking what ever they could carry and despite no electricity or broadcast system were stealing TV’s over food?!!? > and the four of them hit the road too survival.

    Now that was interesting to watch on how they survived over the period of think it was about several weeks ??? or so, and some of the scenarios they faced head-on were utterly intricate too.

    And what was even more fascinating was what supposed experts in; sociology, human psychology, social science, and basic survival skills, all had to say about natural or human-made catastrophes, how they could develop and play out, and how to survive for as long as possible under several different types of those conditions.

    So you thinking you’re all prepared for a TSFHTF scenario, what ever you comprehend in your own mine of what is coming is one thing.

    But you surviving it for a sustained amount of time, is totally another.

    You can have all the supplies you think you will ever need, and when the good times disintegrate overnight and the walkers start showing up and are pounding at your front door, you can only hold them ALL off for JUST so long, until the NEXT barrage of crazies’ shows up to join in, and they will again in due time ... over and over and over and over and over again!! Wave after wave after wave: Alone or in groups.

    If you have what a group of desperado's wants, no … make that desperately needs, you could, no WILL, have a whole world of hurt on your hands while trying to defend it. And it will take more then just a couple ah folks to hold off desperately determined people from taking it from you regardless of their strength.

    So do you stay and TRY TO hold your ground, OR, do you TAKE TO the road? Where you going to go and how are you going to get there?? And once you arrive where you think you will be safe, now what???

    When all-around-you does go to hell in a bucket of slop and the streets are all running amuck and the roads out ah town are clogged with desperation the best thing you can have to rely on too survive is that thing between your ears. Not panicking and keeping your wits about you is one of the best things you could do and have in your favor.

    All the military training we get sometimes goes out of our head when TSHTF and your bud next to you get’s a panic-attack under fire.

    Because, if you think that jerk that just cut you off in traffic because they thinks’ they owns’ the road and don’t give two squirts’ about you or anyone else and thinks’ they be God; just what do you think they are going to be like in times of desperation, it’s life or death, you got it and I want/need it, give it to me or else, or else what? ... NOW WHAT YOU GOING TO DO FRODO??

    The urban cowboy can survive for just so long as roving bands of crazies’ go bashing door too door making their runs for basic survival supplies. And if they know you gotz’ what they needs’ it WILL BE just a matter of time before they arrive at your door … NOW WHAT GOING TO DO??

    The guy out in the wilderness, living in the middle of nowhere, on the TV show The Walking Dead has the right idea living in the middle of nowhere is where hardly anyone will find you. Yes, OK, some may wander in but if you’re set up correctly they will be few. Get into the high-ground - stay out of sight - and be discreet … who can survive a civilization melt down? The Shadow can!

    Look at the common folks, not the terrorist groups, who’s countries these days are under constant fire and total civil unrest, take note = how do they do it? They band together for a good common goal, I’m not talking about the terrorist groups, to help each other stay alive and try and resist their common attackers the terrorist groups. Accepting in, all good upstanding people who want to band together and help each other fight against the wall of terrorist groups.

    But then this is America. If you look around you now you can’t help but see how most of society is self serving, ask not what I can do for you but what are you going to do for me, some are neighborly but lets face it, most are not. Ask yourself, self? Do I know all my neighbors to the north-south-east-west of my house, two-doors down from right to left, across the street, and directly behind me by name? Do I know their kids? Do we ever do neighborly stuff, whatever that is? Fortunately I do know most of mine and we do have a BBQ together now and then, hell the guy across the street from me was doing his lawn last summer and when he was done with his, he has a riding lawnmower; he came over and did mine too!

    Just listen to some of these people on the National Geo show and read between the lines and into what they are saying; and I think this is the sad truth! That, they are mostly only out to save themselves? My guess is for the first few months until we learn how to band to gather with our fellow people to help each other too survive the way that common sense folks should and do. It will undoubtedly be everyone for themselves.

    So bottom line is IMHO. Just dig in with what you got, do not panic, and hopefully over the first few days or couple a weeks, once the initial dust settle, you might be one of the lucky few left around, to start a new. Just keep your wits about you and you’d be surprised how little you can do without.

    Keep your head down, your ammo dry, stay out of sight best you can, and; May the Schwartz Be with you …

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    Those folks shown on that Doomsday program are the extreme on one side but what about the extreme on the other end? To many people in America have the idea that someone will take care of me. They do not even prepare when warned in advance. Instead they seem to assume that either it won't actually happen or that someone else is making the preparations for them.
    Just look at what happened during Katrina. The government warned people a week in advance to get prepared. Instead of doing so the majority did nothing. They did not fill water bottles bathtubs or other containers just in case a disaster did happen. Many ran out of food in the first couple of days. They hadn't even stocked up on canned foods that could be eaten cold out of the can. I've seen this same thing happen during ice storms, floods, power outages, etc.

    Maybe the network should show the other side of the doomsday folks. Make a show about people who refuse to take any responsibility for their own welfare. That kind of interesting to watch too. In a sick sad sort of way.

    Personally I'm in the middle between the two extremes.


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    I've decided my SHTF plan will be to recruit a horde, send in cannon fodder till defenses are worn down and just live off the preppers stuff

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