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1.Do not feed coyotes.
2.Keep your pet on a leash.
3.Supervise small pets and children, and keep your cats indoors.
4.If you have dogs that spend time in your fenced yard, you may want to invest in a Coyote Roller, a device that attaches to the top of a fence to stop coyote paws from getting a grip. Also, adding 6 inches of wire mesh to the bottom of your fence should deter coyotes from digging underneath.
5.Keep garbage, compost and pet food out of reach. Make sure your garbage can lids are on tight, and feed your cats and dogs indoors.
6.If faced with a coyote, act big and loud—shake a can of pennies, blow a whistle, wave your arms above your head. Such actions will reinforce their fear of humans, which is good for us and them.
7.Ask your neighbors to follow the above tips, too.

I loved this. I'll make my own and post it.
Two thoughts ...
1. Depends on what they are fed, they do make birth control drugs for animals.

2. Gamo air whisper in. 22...