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Bleeders, aspirin and other blood thinner meds.

This is a discussion on Bleeders, aspirin and other blood thinner meds. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Jesse Ventura's line from "The Predator"...."I ain't got time to bleed!" Use the lighter, heat up the knife blade, sear it shut. Get on with ...

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Thread: Bleeders, aspirin and other blood thinner meds.

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    Jesse Ventura's line from "The Predator"...."I ain't got time to bleed!" Use the lighter, heat up the knife blade, sear it shut. Get on with life, or back to the killin' of the bad guys....cause like Major Payne says: "There must be somebody, somewhere needs some killin'"....LOL

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    NewSkin may stop bleeding but in my experience it bleeds under the patch and seeps out. Styptic pencils can still be found in many pharmacies. Just ask the Pharmacist or a clerk. If the BandAid isn't working for you, try a folded up 4x4 gauze pad with a little self sticking roller gauze wrapped around to form a pressure bandage.

    And I have to add..

    Medications do not thin the blood. Anticoagulants make the platelets "slippery" and inhibit their clotting abilities. Anticoagulants are commonly prescribed to prevent clot formation in the bloodstream. A common cause of clot formation is a heart dysrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation. This condition is common among the retired crowd. The atria, the top chambers of the heart, no longer beat in sync with the ventricles due to an electrical anomaly along the electrical pathways of the heart. They quiver. This slightly reduces the amount of blood supplied to the ventricles but it is usually insignificant, as the ventricles tend to pull the blood in. The problem occurs when blood pools in the atria. Stagnant blood tends to clot. Hence the need for anticoagulants, to prevent clot formation. These clots will eventually make their way into a coronary artery (the heart gives itself oxygenated blood flow before the rest of the body), lung or other body part where they can really ruin your day. Normally blood takes 6-10 minutes on average to form a firm clot. Small capillary bleds less, femoral punctures for heart catheterizations closer to 20. Cuts to the face tend to bleed more because the face has more vasculature.
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    Thanks all for the info, I think I will try the styptic pencil first and see how that works.
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    I won't post it here but, for the interested and curious you can go to YouTube and search CELOX and there is a video of Celox being tested stopping deep arterial bleeding on a live oinker. It's just not something that would be for all of our members here. It's a pretty amazing product that has proved to be a real life saver with proper use.
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    I couldn't find much of anything to stop my bleeding. I take a blood pressure med, a aspirin, and a Plavix every morning - so needless to say, at the end of the day I look like I lost a good knife fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babarock View Post
    Are you thinking about NewSkin? http://
    Yes, I think that is what it's called.
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    If you are like me you will soak through several band-aids before clotting. I use a couple layers of paper towel and duct tape. For a little deeper cut super glue works well.

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