getting baptized?

getting baptized?

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Thread: getting baptized?

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    getting baptized?

    my family was never religious growing up. after some life experiences I came to believe and start praying. although I do not practice any certain faith. been trying to skim through the bible and see what that is all about.

    so 6 years later to this summer. I was flying back from finland with my grandmother. we were talking about my girlfriend at the time. she is Lutheran and attends church regularly. my grandmother of course was very happy about it.

    I was mentioning considering going to church. she was telling me it would be very good for me. also she was disappointed that my parents never had us baptized.

    she told me that when her mother was giving birth she died but came back. during which she went to heaven and spoke with Peter. my grandmother explained what her mother was like and that she would never lie about an experience like that. they were peasant farmers who lives off the land and had to hide from cossack raiders and invasions in world war two. basically they had their land family and religion.

    I am left with no reason to not believe this. now I am trying to figure out how to get baptized and secure myself after this life.

    how do I go about this? my only experience with churches is walking into one for weddings and funerals.

    can anyone direct me on where to start?

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    Well this came from my girlfriends dad which is a Babtist minister he said he will only babtize me when I have let Jesus into my life so I've been going to church on a regular basis and feel the time is coming soon for me to be babtized

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    I just got Baptized two years ago (I'm 46). I wore my Glock 23. Now it's an appropriate subject here. How many others carried for their Baptism?

    Personally, I like Methodists. They accept you wherever you are in your journey and whoever you are. I'm not a particularly religious person, but their style fits me.
    I've found church makes me a better person, and I'm always glad I went.

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    This is definitely getting into the realm of religious discussion, closing this, but leaving in public view for others to PM zeppelin03 with HELPFUL info.

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