Thought process worth dying for

Thought process worth dying for

This is a discussion on Thought process worth dying for within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Some of you here that are local to the St Louis area may have heard this story on the news where a Town and Country ...

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Thread: Thought process worth dying for

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    Thought process worth dying for

    Some of you here that are local to the St Louis area may have heard this story on the news where a Town and Country man was confronted and beaten in his own front yard after getting home from work. They stole his car for the hood as they had a buyer. I had the occassion to speak to this man and he gives me a history of him being in the Navy and working the large guns on a ship. I think to myself, I says, ok self, ask him about where was his weapon. So I did. To my surprise he said, Oh, I dont have one of those, I would be scared to death to carry a gun. I couldnt go much further with the conservation as I was speaking to him associated to a employment endevor. I did ask if he was scared when he was being beaten by the two men. He replied yes he thought he was going to die. He said his wife heard him from inside and called 911. Took the police 5 minutes to get there. Life lesson ? I dont know if there is one. Some thoughts and beliefs people will literally take to their grave.
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    I don't know the guy, but he sounds rather thick headed. What would it take for him to see the light? Obviously not his wife/kids seeing him beaten to a pulp. Maybe it will click with his wife...
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    There are too many variables to really say, here is the line in the sand. But, I'm sure we all have a "risk factoring system" in place, and that does have a "risk value" that can be approched, and or crossed.

    If I am alone,
    It depends on a lot of factors, can I escape, how many innocent people around, Etc. Moderate "risk value"

    If my Wife is with me,
    Can "WE" escape,(less likely with 2 people) how many innocent people round, etc. "low risk value"

    If our child is with me/us,
    All bets are off. PERIOD. What's a risk value.
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    One should expect ths dregs of society to show up any where any time and be prepared to deal with them in an appropriate manner. One might want to use the original point and click system made available when Samuel Colt gave men the opportunity to remain equal Then again some among us will choose to be pacifist.
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    Oh, I dont have one of those, I would be scared to death to carry a gun.
    A sad and not all that uncommon statement - plus the other oft quoted - ''it'll only get you into trouble''!!!

    Seems so many folks who are not actually anti gun - but ''CCW-shy'' - cannot grasp the essentials of preparedness for the unexpected - the option to be able to save one's butt.

    All they need accept is the need to have a good gun, be familiar with it and a competent shooter. But I guess we must as ever leave decisions to individuals and just try and educate them best we can.
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    It's sad and unfortunate that some folks will never develop the correct mindset to be actively responsible for their own personal self protection.

    They trust their lives to Lady Fate to keep them "forever safe and unharmed" - preferring to continue to believe that nothing bad will ever ever happen to them.

    They have an ingrained Permanent Victim Mentality and there is not much you can do about it to change them.

    Bad things DO happen to very GOOD people many times every single day...but, that seems not to make a difference to them.
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    Horses to water, friends.

    And still they are thirsty.

    Or dead.

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    There are a lot of these.

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