Probably The Best Home Made Soda Can Bug Out Bag Alcohol Stove

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Thread: Probably The Best Home Made Soda Can Bug Out Bag Alcohol Stove

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Two words that should never be used together "Camping" "Quiche"
    That's what I thought until he pulled it off. BTW you don't argue with a backpacking instructor that is 6'7" tall when you're in the middle of a wilderness area and probably 2 days walk from the nearest anything. Just sayin.

    As an aside, most folks would be surprised what you can cook when you are backpacking. We were out 28 days with 10 of us. We broke up into cook groups and ration planned, carried a certain amount of each ingredient per person. We made pizza, tortillas, bread, quiche, mac and cheese; all with bulk materials and "The NOLS Cookery" cookbook. In several years of my wife and I backpacking, and 2 summers as a boy scout backpacking guide, I never ate a pre packaged meal on the trail. Even when I worked for a school that could afford them, I meal planned out of real food as much as possible.

    And with a little work you can do all that on these alcohol stoves.
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    I've made a few alcohol stoves from various cans and designs. The smaller and more numerous you can get the holes the better the burn. If you pack the inside with shredded fibreglass, it also promotes vaporization prior to combustion. You also need the 90+% isopropyl alcohol (not so easy to find in rural areas). The standard rubbing variety won't cut it. My two main complaints with alcohol stoves are that alcohol just doesn't burn that hot, even if your design heats/vaporizes the fuel first. When I make camp and it's time to eat, I don't feel like waiting 20 minutes for water to boil when I have to wait another 20 minutes for my meal to rehydrate/cook. And then it's so darn dirty. Fouls the pot with that awful black creosote that gets all over everything. You also need some sort of pot stand, either another larger tin can cut up, or a ring of tent stakes works as well.
    On the other hand, I've used the MSR Whisperlite for years. Very efficient, very hot (like you could weld with it), very small (fits inside my pot), very clean burning (burns any fuel you can imagine from hi octane to kerosene), and very easy to tear down and maintain. I'm doing a 21 day trip in June with no resupply, and I'll be taking the Whisperlite and 2 quarts of gas.

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    That pop can design is great. For 40 years I've carried this gas rig for the extra BTUs. I've even cast bullets in the field with it.

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