Iranian Ninjas?

Iranian Ninjas?

This is a discussion on Iranian Ninjas? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; U.S. Navy Seals Beware... Video: Iran trains female ninjas as potential assassins - Telegraph I understand that the training is taking place at most Iranian ...

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Thread: Iranian Ninjas?

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    Iranian Ninjas?

    U.S. Navy Seals Beware...

    Video: Iran trains female ninjas as potential assassins - Telegraph

    I understand that the training is taking place at most Iranian malls.
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    I saw that the other day thought of posting it. Nothing surprises me out of Iran. Of course the Burka does serve quite well as a Ninja outfit. It looks very similar.

    Something fearsome about sword weilding Muslim women that gives me cold chills.
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    Im glad its in the humor section....Thats funny
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    Looked more like aerobics and dance to me.

    Iranian female Ninja meet US Navy is your ninja training stacking up now?

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    Ret, are you sure this isn't a new dance choreography for a new Brittany Spears song, for one of her upcoming concerts?
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    awwwe thats 10 minutes i'll never get back

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    I guess you will need the Ninja Glock to defeat them.

    Ninja Glock - YouTube
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    It's a good thing they are getting stretched out since it's extremely important that you don't tear any muscles or ligaments when you kiss your Ninja Ass goodbye as the mushroom cloud blossoms like a deadly fungus over what is left of your Country
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    There are three ME women (Saudi?) who "work out" at the gym I go to. They have a private MA teacher, but there is only so
    much you can do with butterballs wrapped in Burkas.

    Its a bit hilarious to watch them, but at least they are trying to better themselves. Quite a sight indeed to watch them try to kick the bag from a squat.

    One of these days I'll tell them I'm a Jewish Zionist and see how the rest of the MA session goes. (Nah, I want my instructor
    to make a living; no point chasing off paying customers.)

    There's some interesting background music played in that gym. As I said in the past it is for tough men and rough women.
    These three wives of foreign students don't fit the usual picture of the clientele.

    I think they must not know what the rap words are about.
    Even I can't make out much beyond the usual words we can't use here which describe things not done in public. Or which describe the racial heritage and character of the rap subject using a word that rhymes with "digger."

    Those poor ladies would go into shock if they had a clue. As it is they mind their business and give it a fair
    go given extremely limited talent. I smile a lot.
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    More aerobic than martial arts. JMHO.
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    That's their first line of defense, send in the ugliest, overweight wife of your group first
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJoGunn View Post
    Something fearsome about sword weilding Muslim women that gives me cold chills.
    Any sword weilding woman scares the heck out of me.
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    I understand martial arts is a good form of defense... but when it comes to defending your homeland, wouldn't firearms be better for the job?
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    Everybody is confused by this because what you're witnessing is only their warm-up excercises before they hit the malls with the real weapon of mass destruction for all of us - shopping ninjas with "assault credit cards"

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