Survival Food Supplies - which ones?

Survival Food Supplies - which ones?

This is a discussion on Survival Food Supplies - which ones? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Been thinking about supplementing our food supplies with some of the dehydrated stuff. I thought it would be handy to be able to just grab ...

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Thread: Survival Food Supplies - which ones?

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    Survival Food Supplies - which ones?

    Been thinking about supplementing our food supplies with some of the dehydrated stuff. I thought it would be handy to be able to just grab a bucket and run if need be. But I don't know much about them. What brands and sources do you use and what's your verdict? Currently we've just been collecting can/dry goods and have some MRE's on hand.

    I did some searching here but didn't find previous threads on the topic.
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    Raman noodles are a great start if ur just getting started with low funds. U can cut back on the season salt pack if needed. Canned foods with a manual can opener are a great start also. Store water. Have good fire starting material handy also. Lots of people thinking this way lately in a world of uncertain. Vitamins are great also.
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    Several in our family have purchased from eFoods Direct.
    We are quite happy with the products, quality, and shipment.
    Welcome to eFoodsDirect - Your number one source for high quality food storage needs.

    Search the site and watch for sales.
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    +1 for efoods, prices are ok and service is great

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    True about efoods. Or Sam's Club, buy in bulk and bucket your own
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    Mix 'em up so you don't get sick of the same 7 or 8 meals if the SHTF. Supplement with various canned goods etc.
    Don't forget some spices and hotsauce. Some of the MRE type stuff can be pretty bland.

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    I'm glad someone else started this thread.
    I've been prepping for a while now and trying new things as I go,plus learning by my mistakes.I'm thinking safe water is first priority,and lots of it,if you buy/make a alot of dehydrated foods water is a must.Dehydrated foods require more water to process than cans,and more fuel to cook,remember the power will be out,can you cook/heat with other sources? Canned foods are heavy but can be eaten cold,but this can be demoralizing(ask a GRUNT how happy hot chow makes them),canned foods are normally high in salt,and you will drink more water...kind of a evil circle.
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    As far as freeze dried goes, Mountain House is one of the best tasting, although pricey. Sale prices run around 5-6 dollars per entee, but that feeds two, so 3 bucks apiece. To me, it's worth it since they are actually pretty good and simple to fix. I have some Wise dried food but have'nt tried it yet. I've read mixed reviews on them.
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    What's the scenario? You're planning on fleeing? You cannot really carry all that much food in a bag. Not enough to really get concerned about boredom. If you're going to hole up in your house, then you want food that's very nutritious, cheap (because hopefully you'll never need it), easy to prepare, and doesn't spoil (or is cheap enough to replace). I have a few gallons of barley and quinoa. You can make the palatable with soaking them in warm water, and there's a lot of nutrition there.

    For running, you need to think about water replacement. Get some type of filter system, and a collapsible canteen. If you don't have a system to get water regularly, then the entire thread is a waste of time. And, for running, nuts are a great choice. They're high-calorie for their weight, they're easy to package into good nutritional balance. Good carbs & fats.

    A kilo of peanut butter is about 4 days worth of calories (on a somewhat restricted diet). That's the metric you should start with. You'll probably want 1200 - 2000 calories per day as a target for how much food to pack. If you're running in a SHTF scenario, you won't really care about taste. You need a few days' worth of food, and it needs to be functional. And since SHTF is unlikely, you need to be efficient with your money, because it's much better to spend money usefully than to sink it into specialised foods that never get eaten.
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    My vote for long term storage is Mountain House #10 cans, 25+ year shelf life. At times they can be hard to find the entries you want. Like previous poster said, taste good, easy to prepare but pricey.

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    A water source and/or purification tool is a priority. Nature stores carbs inexpensively in whole wheat, whole corn, barley, oats, brown rice, dried beans, peas, lentils, and garbanzos. Nature's long term storage of protein can be found in dry soy beans and in the whole, shell on nuts like raw peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and pecans. A Molida hand crank grain mill can turn the stuff into grits, flour, or nut butters. Baking powder, dry yeast, salt, and honey keep well. You need to boil water, fry pancakes, and bake bread or roast nuts. For that, a self contained camper might be handy. These suggestions aren't the easiest or most palatable, but they are by far the least expensive alternative to solve the food problem for survival. Sir Froggie has more: Sir Froggie
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    If you know how to live off the land, there's little you need on your list. Bottled water is cheap right now. I'd suggest investing in that above all else. Whatever it is you think you'll be eating once you bug out, it won't be fixed in the microwave or on an electric stove. D-rats still require water......I suggest purification tablets. If you're on the run and away from home....choose your tools and rations wisely. A few here have already hinted at the same things. Peanut butter and bread, water. Despite the looks and smell, you can still eat moldy bread. Survival food supplies don't need to be complicated as you would like to make them. If you've got a ton of survival food supplies stashed....that makes you a target for the zombies. I've heard that zombies like cat food is lots of it and throw it out for the incoming......when they go for the cans........shoot them in the head.
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    ^^^^ best advice yet ^^^^

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    The thing to know about Wise products is that the meat products are meatless. They use some type of soy protein I think.

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