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Babies yes or no?

This is a discussion on Babies yes or no? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My two boys (now mid-thirties) knew all about my guns, where they were, handled them, and eventually shot them. I never locked them up (the ...

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Thread: Babies yes or no?

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    My two boys (now mid-thirties) knew all about my guns, where they were, handled them, and eventually shot them.
    I never locked them up (the guns, not the boys), and they never touched them...they've since told my so.
    I erased all curiosity about guns and taught them gun safety from an early age.
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    My brother and I each got .22 single shots when we were somewhere around 8-10 years. Dad taught us gun safety and how to take care of our guns. Somehow my brother lost his gun LOL. But then we moved up to bolt action, pump, semi auto etc. we had acres and varmints to shoot.

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    "Babies yes or no?"
    I vote Yes. at least to the point of trying to build my family larger.

    taking them shooting around 7-9 when they express an interst. we have already have the don't pick up any gun you see with out asking daddy.
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    My mom and sister who were/are of the "no guns in my house" mentality were both recently shocked to find out I had access to guns at about the same time I could cross the street by myself. All my mom did and my sister is on the path of doing is not prepare their kids for a potential danger (from other people's guns). All kids are curious - end the curiosity and you have all but won. If your kids can be alone in a house, especially with other kids, they should be introduced to guns and how to behave around them - Eddie Eagle FTW.

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    Guns generally scare my wife, she isnt pro gun but isnt anti gun, shes just "get it away from me." I wanted to get a gun for my daughter before she was born but my said it would be for me. I probably wouldnt start before the age of atleast 5. Even with toys I would insist with treating every type of gun as a loaded gun.

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    My girls are 7 and 10. They have both shot .22's and BB guns. Before that, they new I carried. And we had guns around. So I made sure to stress that they were not toys, they were not to be touched without a parent there, then when they asked to see them I made time to let them look. They enjoy shooting, but could care less about sneaking around and messing with guns.

    And check here, go down to kids and guns. Much better info than your quote.

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    I was cleaning my fathers service revolver when he got off work each day before I was in kindergarten. In the process he was teaching me proper safety rules while I was doing it. I was six before I got to shoot it though. So training can start long before actual shooting.
    BTW, it was a S&W model 15 Combat Masterpiece 38 special. I remember being scared to death and thought the recoil was going to knock me down.


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    Teach them early. If you keep them in the house than your kids should be taught about them. I am not advocating letting a child keep a gun in his/her room but allow them to explore there curiosity in a safe and controlled environment will eliminate possible accidents in the future.
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    When we moved to PA and my wife and I attended the hunter safety course so we could get our hunting licenses, we were amazed at how many people were in the class. There were over 50 eleven or soon to be eleven year old kids of both genders with at least one parent there taking the class to get their hunting licenses. We were stunned. When, during a break, I asked one of the folks teaching if the class was so full because deer season was only a few months away. His reply "we teach this class once a month in this room, it's always this full, so are the classes taught in different rooms two of the other three weekends of the month". The classes are free taught all over the state.

    My wife and I were impressed by the class. They are excellent, terrific subject matter, well organized, and definitely worth the time and effort to attend.

    The kids hunt with parents, most of the fathers I know buy single shot rifles for the kids to start with, but they are out there doing that. Boys, girls, doesn't matter, they are on the edge of their chairs. One neighbor dat with twins bought a Ruger .41 Magnum Hunter revolver so he could have both hands free to deal with the boys. He said he could have used another eye or two as well!

    My dad started teaching me about guns from the time I was big enough to pick one up when I was so small I could only do it using two hands. The wooden box full of all but one of the handguns (always loaded in my dad's nightstand drawer - we all knew it was there) and all the rifles were stacked in the back of my bedroom closet when I was a kid. So was the ammunition. I knew every gun in that box, how to do whatever was required with it. Never messed with them. Didn't need to. Curiosity was satisfied, dad and I went shooting together all the time. My friend Gary's dad down the street did the same with him. Gary's dad and my dad were good friends, we often went shooting together at my Dad's cabin where he built a 50/100 yard range.

    Alas, no ear protection 60+ years ago. Between the shooting and go-kart racing my hearing took a big hit.

    Bottom line for me is to teach the kids to respect you and the guns both. "Both" being the key word.

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    Anyone notice the Op hasn't returned?

    Perhaps the didn't get the responses the wanted to hear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    You begin teaching them about firearms when they are old enough to begin asking questions.

    For my kids, it was about age three when they began learning what a gun was. I waited until they were about 6yrs old before I took them "shooting".
    What a perfect answer. I was searching my mind how to reply and you took care of it. Thanks.

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