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Is this safe at the range?

This is a discussion on Is this safe at the range? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The reason people can burn themselves while using oxygen if they smoke is because the oxygen supports combustion at a higher rate than the less-oxygen-enriched ...

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Thread: Is this safe at the range?

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    The reason people can burn themselves while using oxygen if they smoke is because the oxygen supports combustion at a higher rate than the less-oxygen-enriched atmosphere. In the presence of pure oxygen, a cigarette will burn much, much faster, as will other materials. Modern gunpowder is self-oxidizing. I can't actually imagine oxygen causing that much of a problem with firearms. Oxygen will not burn on its own, it requires a flammable substance.
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    he had to sign in and was wearing the rig then so the range people seen nothing wrong with it. if you don't feel safe;walk

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    While there is no real combustion threat from a punctured O2 tank in this scenario, there is a physical hazard. These tanks run around 2,000 psi when full. Puncturing the tank results in an unguided, vigorously self-propelled projectile. They are capable of a great deal of damage.

    That said, a pistol round coming back from downrange is not likely to have enough energy to puncture the tank.
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    Much more risk from a ricochet to your person than from an exploding O2 tank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1hogfan83 View Post
    O2 under pressure is EXTREMLY dangerous. No my range does not have ricochets but we do have an abundence of idiots, or large quantities of people at one time which people could bounce into one another ect. I fear preasurized o2 more than a ricochet, a bullet has one angle, an explosion has every angle. Im sure everyone has seen the joke about someone answering the door with a cigarette and an o2 bottle? Not a good idea. I may start going the 20 extra miles to the free outdoor range, raining today.
    I believe if I were you "Hogfan" I'd be a whole lot more worried about that "abundance of idiots" you spoke of, rather than the O2 tank.
    I've come across more than a few careless/stupid people on ranges, and been "swept" by a muzzle more than once.
    I have much more trust in equiptment and machines than I do people.
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    I still dont feel comfortable with a o2 bottle 2 lanes down from me. The most probable case would be the tank being knocked over and the valve damaged. At that point it would be an unguided missle. Valve damage and poor ventilation would be the two things I fear most, the range has poor ventilation. Anyway, thats the first time I've seen that, Its the cheapest range around and its pretty good quality. I guess I can just leave if it happens next time.

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    I'm far more worried about the normal-looking (but clueless) guy that has the muzzle pointed right at you on the other side of the wall.
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