Hey everyone!
A really good friend of mine, Mike Phy is Assistant Fire Chief of Clinton Twp. Michigan.
He E-mailed me with a project his Department worked on, in regards to Distracted driving, in memory of a 16 year old girl in Romeo Mi. who was killed by a distracted driver.

The specifics on Ally can be found on this link: Remembering Ally: Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

This video is very well done, and should be seen by everyone.
It is a sobering reminder for EVERYONE who's behind the wheel, but especially the teenagers(of who I once was)who believe they are invincible, to pay attention to the road.
Here is a short note from my friend Mike, with the link to their video below,, Thanks,oneshot

I know you are all supportive of what I'm involved in, and am usually interested in related news. Well, back in November, I was approached by the Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan (TIAM), to have our fire department participate in a State-wide campaign to educate the public on the dangers of distracted driving, particularly, texting. The title of the campaign is Remembering Ally, Distracted Driver Awareness Campaign. The specifics on Ally can be found on this link: Remembering Ally: Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign Please check this out.

I, along with reps from our Police Dept, State Police, US Coast Guard, Michigan Dept of Transportation, Henry Ford Hospital and Medstar Ambulance met regularly for a month, and in December, we participated in the filming of a video. (Our firefighters were in most of the action and were utterly great.) I attended the pre-release and review of the video, and I was so impressed. This is really quality. At this point, the target audience is going to be high school and college students, and is scheduled to be distributed to these organzations. It will be promoted on facebook and will be available on U-Tube.
So, with all this in mind, this afternoon I'll be attending a press conference at the Romeo High School in kick-off of the release of the video and campaign. I'll let you all know where the video can be found later today. (Bring Kleenex.)


Here's the link to the video itself;
Realistic Distracted Driving Crash (USA) - YouTube