Slingshot Madness!

Slingshot Madness!

This is a discussion on Slingshot Madness! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I don't know if anyone posted anything about this guy here already... If so and if i missed it, please go ahead and close this ...

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Thread: Slingshot Madness!

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    Slingshot Madness!

    I don't know if anyone posted anything about this guy here already... If so and if i missed it, please go ahead and close this thread.

    Anyway: As some of you might know, we have pretty strict gun laws here in Germany. So not being able to shoot his guns in his back yard, this guy here came up with something else instead: slingshots! He built a pump-action slingshot that can hold and fire up to 10 pencils - the "Nerd Revenge 2000"!

    "Nerd Revenge 2000": Pump Action Pencil Launcher - YouTube

    I recommend checking out this guys Youtube channel! He builds all kinds of crazy stuff and came up with tactical self-defense slingshots, gatling slingshots, a slingshot cannon and even quickdraw holsters for your slingshot. Definitely very amusing!
    Regards, Mike

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    Very cool. Of course, I had to go to the site and check it out. This guy has quite an imagination.
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    Running here: 142 FPS pencil launcher for gun free school defense!

    but the guy certainly has an imagination!
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Like slingshots? Check out Ruffus Hussey. Carolina Camera The Sling Shot Man - YouTube
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    I used a "wrist-rocket" while ocean fishing; NOAA rules (change) indicated we, as fisherman had a right to go un-disturbed while fishing and were authorized to DETER sea-lions from begging. One good steel ball-bearing to the blubber and the fur-bags leave in a big hurry and usually did not return. There were some, who would use more harmful means to deter, guns and heavy fishing hooks laced with bait.

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    This guy has quite an imagination.

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