.177 Pellet Air Rifle

.177 Pellet Air Rifle

This is a discussion on .177 Pellet Air Rifle within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Didn't know where else to post this since it is not a "firearm". My trusty Crossman pellet rifle went to its greater reward last fall. ...

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Thread: .177 Pellet Air Rifle

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    .177 Pellet Air Rifle

    Didn't know where else to post this since it is not a "firearm". My trusty Crossman pellet rifle went to its greater reward last fall. Originally, it belonged to my son and I kept it as a "get lost" varmint butt kicker. There was a sale over Christmas at one of the online stores for what appeared to be a well-made pellet gun. Solid wood stock, good psi, etc. Reading the reviews, the only complaint was it was so hard to cock. Didn't think twice since I am the manly man.

    Got it the next week. Beautifully made (Beeman), long, long barrel, and to cock it? You gotta be kidding me. I had to bend that sucker between my knees and take both hands to cock it. I'm no spring chicken but I still pump iron regularly. I felt like a girly-girl. When I fired it, no adjusting the sights, it was dead on. But, what actually bothered me was that the power behind that little pellet was profound. In fact, I honestly thought that this was no bee sting on the butt. That sucker was going in and maybe coming out somewhere else.

    Fast forward to some talk time with Three Feathers last week. My pellet gun came up for discussion. Dan and I both lived in Germany and both knew the insane rules for firearms and hunting. He said the Germans got around this by ramping up the power in their .177's. I.e. they can hunt small to medium game with pointed pellets and get the job done. I might have rolled my eyes a couple months ago but no way today.
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    It gives pumping iron a whole new meaning. Enjoy!
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    Pellet guns have come a long ways powerwise.

    Some of them shoot as hard as a .22.

    We were actually comparing a suppressed .22 to one of the newer,fasted pellet guns in the way of noise and the pellet gun was much louder.

    It used to be said that a suppressed .22 rifle could be as quiet as a pellet gun. Now, there is no comparison. Some of the pellet guns actually sound like a 22.

    Heck, even the Brits came up with a maximum speed and energy that a pellet gun could be to remain legal. They couldnt let the Peasants have something too powerful you know...
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    You'll shoot your eye out kid! :)
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    I've been a big pellet gun collector for years, since my childhood years; Beeman makes some good weapons, but IMHO for the money, RWS blows everybody away until you get into the really pricey exotic jobs that can be had in calibers up to 9mm and beyond. My personal favorite is my RWS 350; it is .22 caliber and can throw pellets out around 1000fps for the light ones and around 900 for the Beeman crow magnum pellets that hit insanely hard for a pellet rifle.....With those pellets, no varmint or pesky stray cat or dog is safe......

    I have however, recently started using the "predator" pellets, with the red plastic tip; those hit really hard and are very accurate although I haven't been able to chrono them yet......

    MY next acquisition is going to be a Benjamin rifle I have seen in .22 caliber that uses a pre-charged Nitrogen cylinder to propel the piston instead of a spring; I will report on this when I get my hands on it regarding the noise vs. a conventional spring gun.....
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    I went squirrel hunting a couple times this year. I took 3 squirrels with my Crossman Titan GP .22. Add those to the groundhog, several mice, and rabbits out of the garden. The groundhog was one shot. Headshot, he flopped couple times and that was it. I put a Charlie D Tuna trigger in it. It's a good shooting pellet rifle.
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    Which Beeman did you get?

    I got an R-9 ( around 1000 ft/sec in .177) a few years ago for pigeon control, and at the short ranges I needed (typically 30 yards max) it was actually too much. Entertaining, though - the pellet would drill right through the bird, he'd flap his wings a few times and actually get airborne, then his head would drop - dead in mid-air - and he'd fall like a rock.

    The cocking action was certainly stiff, but you get used to it and a muzzle brake is a good handle. Realistically, 700 ft/sec is a better power level for short-range pest control and backyard shooting - and you won't get those Popeye biceps!

    The R-9 is undoubtedly the most accurate gun I own.
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    Where we going..were gonna shoot a pellet gun...cool...grab that 10 foot pipe....what we need a pipe for ? You ever heard of sumpin called a cheater bar...well that's our cocker
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    I'm looking into a Benjamin Nitro piston airgun myself. I want it for jackrabbits out in the desert, and they are supposed to be very, very quiet, especially with the heavier, subsonic pellets.
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    I used my brother-in-laws Gamo Whisper .177 with the Raptor Performance Ballistic Alloy pellet to dispatch a rabid raccoon. 15 yards one hit behind the ear and the coon dropped, twitched for about 10 seconds and was done. I was surprised that despite it's claim to quiet it was slightly loader than my Henry .22 using CB caps.
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