Dog Stabbed During Home Invasion

Dog Stabbed During Home Invasion

This is a discussion on Dog Stabbed During Home Invasion within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Didn't know if this belongs In The News or here. Definitely not funny. Let's hope they find the cruel and inhuman things that did this ...

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Thread: Dog Stabbed During Home Invasion

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    Angry Dog Stabbed During Home Invasion

    Didn't know if this belongs In The News or here. Definitely not funny. Let's hope they find the cruel and inhuman things that did this and put them out of order forever.

    W.Va. State Police blotter: Dog stabbed, items reported stolen in break-in of home
    March 09, 2012

    The following information was provided by reports from the West Virginia State Police Huntington Detachment:

    BURGLARY: Troopers received a report Feb. 28 that someone had broken into a house in the 1900 block of McComas Road near Barboursville, WV and stabbed the resident’s dog. Guns and jewelry valued at more than $5,000 were also reported missing. Those with information can call the Huntington Detachment 304-528-5555.
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    Steal my stuff and I'm going to get real angry, but kill my dog and I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth.
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    My stuff is insured so go a head and take it if you must. Hurt on hair on my dog and I'll make you pay!

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    Low life!
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    I will channel Liam Neeson from "Taken" if you hurt my dog.
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Just about as low as you can go.
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    You hurt my dog and there is no place, and I mean no place, you can hide.
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    Dog killed, firearms jewelry money stolen. sure sounds to me the victim knows the perp. Makes you kinda hope the perp draws on on the cops when they get him.
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    Stab my dog and I will hunt you down and I will make you eat the hand that you used when you stabbed my dog. But, I will be generous and let you put ketchup and mustard on it first.

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    I would wait until he got sent to prison,find out which prison,befriend a few thugs behind the walls with some pay on their books
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    I hope he resists arrest and gets to meet a nice police dog.

    Maybe the canine officer will give them a little extra time to "get acquainted".
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    Knew they wanted to hit the house, did it when the homeowners were gone, and decided the dog was a bother.

    His punishment if caught, should be, he gets to be the bite dummy in police dog training,,,,,,,,Without the pads.
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    Yea my dog is like my kid, hurt my dog and you hurt a member of my family. Probably the most innocent one in the family too. I'd go to jail to beat that Mother****** to a pulp after that shi*.
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    Does anyone know if the dog actually died? I could find no further information.
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    My wife says that I care for my dogs than her, Not so But dont harm any of my family . My dogs are my best friend to me and my family. I do hate when they bark when someone comes to the door(kidding) I wish the dog would do its justice!
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