Mistaken Identity: Share Your Stories

Mistaken Identity: Share Your Stories

This is a discussion on Mistaken Identity: Share Your Stories within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Backstory: As many of you know, I worked in downtown OKC in 1995 when the Alfred P. Murrah Building terrorist bombing occurred. The building in ...

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Thread: Mistaken Identity: Share Your Stories

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    Question Mistaken Identity: Share Your Stories


    As many of you know, I worked in downtown OKC in 1995 when the Alfred P. Murrah Building terrorist bombing occurred. The building in which I worked, only four blocks away from the Murrah, had several vacant floors available at that time, and BATFE, the FBI, Secret Service and every other federal and state agency needed in the aftermath took up residency in the same building......

    Because we had a no smoking rule, I always adjourned to the south east corner ground level exit for my cigarettes.

    Of course, in the days after the bombing, our building became a hive of activity, and this activity intensified before and during President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton's attendance at a Memorial Service on April 23, 1995.


    Here I am, alone, standing in the spring sunshine by the entrance to our building (The ad hoc "Command Center") immediately before the Presidential visit, a dark pinstripe suit, brilliant white shirt and subdued Rep pattern tie, Ray-Ban Aviators (small), very short hair and shoes polished to a mirror glaze.................

    A sixties something lady in conservative and nice attire walks up to me, stares at me, and inquires "Are you Secret Service?"

    Without smiling I quietly state "No Madam" and continue standing, enjoying the sunshine.

    She smiles, and wanders off on her business.

    To this day, it still makes me smile.


    I'll share the other one about being mistaken for Richard Chamberlain later.......

    Do you have any stories of mistaken identity you'll share? Funny? Poignant? Cute? Clever?
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    Not quite as much fun as yours, but...

    In the early 90's I was working for a Lycoming, jet engine manufacturer in CT. We had a customer in New Zealand who was having spontaneous vibration problems with a couple of our engines on their aircraft, and as an experimental test guy I was dispatched to Christchurch (south island) along with 3 trunks full of gear to do some in-flight vibration measurements.

    I first touched down in Auckland (north island), and made my way over to the Ansett terminal - Ansett NZ being our engine customer, and I'd be taking their flight to the south island. I had a couple of hours to kill, so I thought I'd be a good company ambassador and introduce myself to the local staff. I spoke to a gal at the ticket counter, and said I'd like to speak to the engineering staff. She asked my name, then picked up the phone, dialed a number and said "Mr. Gary Smith is here and would like to speak with the engineering staff."

    Well, in about 15 seconds two guys in company jacket-and-tie uniforms came flying out of the door behind the desk, adjusting their hats and straightening their ties. I thought "gee, we carry a lot of weight with these guys." Not so fast, pilgrim... turns out the president of Anzett NZ Airline at the time was none other than Gary Smith! These poor schleps thought the big boss was in town... so we had a good laugh.
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    I'm a musician, and when I was in the Atlanta scene I had long hair and a beard. I've been asked several times if I was Chris Robinson (of the Black Crowes) or one of the guys from Mastodon. I had several other musician friends in Atlanta who had similar hair and beards and people would frequently walk up to one of them thinking they were me, or vice versa.
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    Quite a few years ago, I used to enjoy telling people in disbelief about regularly sharing a drink with the one and only Tom CREWS.
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    I had a different experience with mistaken identity. I was standing on the front steps of a home with
    some friends, one of whom was thinking about buying it. The cops came up looking for someone
    with my name. Pretty scared till that got sorted out.
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    I've got one, but really...it's waaay too much information!
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    Going into a party store, when a woman starts yelling "O my god" "O my god" I stopped and said to her, "are you ok" she says yes and its nice to meet you. She thought I was kid rock......
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    I got cornered by a couple of plain clothes detectives in a mailboxes ect... store once. Turns out I looked just like someone from NYC that was wanted for something. They wouldn't elaborate on the crimes but I did see a pic and I looked just like the guy.


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    I was taken for Craig Biggio of the Astros once.

    Another time with my beard was taken as Jeff Fisher coach of the tennessee titans.

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    I was in a Burger King in pcb, fl once and these two dudes who were high as a kite thought I was one of the guys from linkin park...I look nothing like anyone in that band. It was really weird. On second thought this should probably go in the things people drugged out said to you thread instead of this one.

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    I often get mistaken for somebody that cares!
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    I worked with a guy that had my exact same name, right down to the middle initial. He left after only a month and was pretty much forgotten. About a year later, the police showed up with a felony warrant for, what we thought was ME. Scared me half to death, even though I knew I hadn't done anything wrong.

    Of course, it turned out the other dude was wanted. It got straightened out pretty quickly, but I almost had a heart attack in the process!
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    I was mistaken once for somebody and treated to a felony stop. It was absolutely not fun having an officer with a 12gauge and an officer with a pistol crouched behind their car door and prepared to end my life. While I was grabbing headliner, they jumped quickly back into their cars and hauled tail, with lights and sirens down the road laying rubber as they went. Never said a word. Who knows what it was about but I still haven't found my seatcover. :)

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    Several years ago we were staying at a bed and breakfast for the weekend. Went to the dining room with my wife to have dinner. We both noticed that several of the wait staff were huddled in the corner looking in our direction and whispering. We finally asked our server if there was something we were doing that caused the "attention".

    Turns out they thought I was the guy in my avatar. Not that Dennis was ugly, but why couldn't they have mistaken me for Sean Connery (my wife loves him) or someone a little more handsome...

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    While accompanying my wife on several trips to her orthopaedic doctor, we found out, for some reason, the doctor thought I was a retired Navy Seal. I told him that I'd take that as a compliment, but my aversion to "cold water" would not make that possible.
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