Defensive Carry Method - 1929

Defensive Carry Method - 1929

This is a discussion on Defensive Carry Method - 1929 within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Here's a defensive carry alternative from Modern Mechanix Magazine , May, 1929......

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Thread: Defensive Carry Method - 1929

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    Defensive Carry Method - 1929

    Here's a defensive carry alternative from Modern Mechanix Magazine, May, 1929...

    Defensive Carry Method - 1929-hands_up_gun.jpg
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    Boy that must have been a big seller in the Sears and Roebuck catalog.

    Is there any wonder why we don't know of any one of us who's Grandad had one of them.
    I wonder if the Smithsonian even has one, or maybe the NRA Firerms Museum?

    One of those "good ideas on paper" kinda things.
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    I see it was a Chicago invention... Probably be a big seller in Chicago today too.
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    It apparently was a flop because too many "Dads" were wearing it when they got home and played "Patty Cake" with their young daughters...... imagine it......"as fast as you CAN". Bang.
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    Taxi, Taxi, ... Ops, never mind, I guess I didn't need a taxi that bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cook74 View Post
    I see it was a Chicago invention... Probably be a big seller in Chicago today too.
    Exactly what I was thinking!
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    I seem to vaguely remember ripping that page out of the catalog sitting in the out-house. Then again, I seem to vaguely remember mail delivery twice a day, milk delivered in glass bottles to my door, cashing in pop bottles for 2 cents each and getting in trouble playing in the basement coal bin

    Think that would have given me an edge playing Cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood kids back in the day?

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    Oh my!
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    A boobie machinegun,I know why it failed...I've caught a round of hot brass down my shirt before,think about 10 rounds ejecting between a man bra and bare skin
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    Apparently Chicago sucked even back then.
    Actually using that contraption against a mobster would have seen you thrown in jail for life.
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